Cortney Shegerian of Shegerian & Associates Wins Sexual Orientation Discrimination and Harassment Verdict for Former American Management Services, LLC Employee

of Shegerian
& Associates, Inc
., a Santa Monica-based litigation law firm
specializing in employee rights, obtained a $352,083 wrongful
termination and discrimination jury verdict this week.

The Los Angeles Superior Court jury reached its decision regarding
Brandon Grey’s lawsuit against American Management Services, which had
employed Grey as an Investment Manager from 2006 to 2008.

The court ordered American Management Services to pay Grey $200,000 in
non-economic damages, $102,083 in past economic damages and $50,000 in
punitive damages, for a total award of $352,083.

Grey’s seven-year-old claim had originally been lost in arbitration, but
was successfully appealed by Shegerian & Associates and brought to
trial, where Cortney Shegerian successfully tried the case this week.

During his two years working at American Management Services, Grey’s
supervisors and president of American Management Services, LLC,
repeatedly engaged in discriminatory, harassing behavior targeting Grey
due to his sexual orientation, leading up to terminating his employment.

As a direct result of the discriminatory and harassing behavior of his
former employer, Grey suffered humiliation, emotional distress, as well
as damage to his career. With the help of Cortney Shegerian and
Shegerian & Associates, he will now receive compensation for his

Shegerian describes the case as a distinct violation of Grey’s rights
under the Fair Employment and Housing Act and an example of egregious
discrimination and harassment on the basis of sexual orientation.

“It’s an honor to have had the opportunity to represent Mr. Grey. I know
it has been a long road to get to this day,” said Shegerian. “He is a
hard-working employee who found himself discriminated against at the
hands of a company he dedicated two years of his life to. The treatment
that our client endured by his supervisor at American Management
Services was grossly inappropriate. Hopefully this verdict and the
justice served in Mr. Grey’s case will put all employers on notice that
they cannot discriminate against and harass employees based on their
sexual orientation, or for any other reason.”

“I could not have asked for stronger representation,” said Grey. “I’m
grateful for the Shegerian firm’s ability to handle my case and help me
drive it forward. After almost eight years from the day I was
terminated, nobody really wins this case. The losses and experiences
I’ve faced can never be erased. I know the Shegerian firm has absolutely
gone above and beyond to argue my case and gave me the opportunity to
vindicate the harassment and treatment under AMS and Scott Mencaccy. I
have worked hard to share my story with integrity and truth and
appreciate everything they have done to give me that voice.”

(Case no. BC412760)

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