Crazy Cuizine® Launches Convenient New Way to Enjoy Authentic Chinese Flavors with New Kung Pao Chicken Entrée

Asian Food Manufacturer Adds New Restaurant-Quality, Family-Sized
Entrée to its Popular Line of Frozen Meals & Appetizers

, known for bringing authentic Asian-inspired cuisine from
the freezer aisle to the dinner table in minutes, has introduced a
mouthwatering new flavor to its popular line of family-style, frozen
entrees: Kung Pao Chicken. Made with expertly seasoned and lightly
battered chicken breast and rib meat, the new dish features a delicious
stir-fry style Kung Pao sauce, with a bold blend of soy sauce, garlic
and ginger flavors, and a mild kick of spicy heat that gives the dish a
true sense of Szechuan-inspired authenticity.

A better value than take-out, new Crazy Cuizine Kung Pao Chicken is an
easy-to-prepare stir-fry dish, complete with packs of tender, frozen
steamed vegetables, cashews for crunch, and Crazy Cuizine’s all-new
signature Kung Pao sauce. Delicious on its own, the savory flavors of
the new Crazy Cuizine Kung Pao Chicken pair perfectly with side dishes
such as rice, noodles, or additional fresh or frozen veggies to create a
well-balanced meal.

“Adapted by American Chinese Food vendors throughout the 20th
century, the Kung Pao Chicken recipe which Western palates have come to
know and crave is a delicious, succulent and slightly spicy version of
an ancient entrée, which Crazy Cuizine has emulated for this latest
launch,” said David Weinberg, sales and marketing director at Day-Lee
Foods, Inc. “Featuring a carefully crafted recipe, Crazy Cuizine Kung
Pao Chicken combines a delicate blend of flavors ranging from sweet to
savory and spicy in every bite. We are thrilled to offer families a Kung
Pao Chicken option that allows them to choose take-home rather than
take-out. Whether families are looking to serve up a quick and simple
meal right from the box or excited to explore their kitchen creativity
utilizing Kung Pao in their own recipes, this new entrée is sure to

As with the entire line of Crazy Cuizine entrées and appetizers, new
Kung Pao Chicken is a family-style offering that is high in protein and
free of trans fats, with no MSG added. Fully cooked and ready to serve
in just 18 minutes or less, Crazy Cuizine Kung Pao Chicken can be
prepared straight from the freezer without defrosting for a convenient
and affordable meal, appetizer or snack anytime.

Prepared in the oven or on the stovetop, each Kung Pao Chicken
family-style entrée contains approximately nine servings per 44 oz. box,
packing 16 grams of protein and only 210 calories per serving. The Crazy
Cuizine line of convenient family meals features signature Asian flavors
including Mandarin Orange Chicken, which won the ChefsBest
2016 Excellence in Taste Award; popular sriracha hot sauce-infused
products like Honey Sriracha Chicken Bites and Sriracha Chicken
Potstickers; as well as classics like Teriyaki Chicken, Korean BBQ
Chicken, General Tso’s Chicken, Sweet-Chili Chicken, and Chicken and
Pork Potstickers.

Crazy Cuizine Kung Pao Chicken is available now in the freezer aisle at
select Costco stores. Shoppers can find their other favorite Crazy
Cuizine products at grocery chains nationwide, such as Albertson’s,
Safeway, Vons, Ralphs, Food for Less, Raley’s, SaveMart, Lucky
Supermarkets, Jewel, and many more. For more information about Kung Pao
Chicken and other Crazy Cuizine products, visit

Crazy Cuizine

A Day-Lee
brand, Crazy
is a line of authentic Asian dishes inspired by classic
Japanese, Chinese and Korean recipes. Using Asian signature flavors,
Crazy Cuizine brings delectable Asian favorites from freezer to table in
18 minutes or less, with products like Mandarin Orange Chicken, Teriyaki
Chicken, Korean BBQ Chicken, General Tso’s Chicken, Sweet-Chili Chicken
and Chicken and Pork Potstickers. For more information about Crazy
Cuizine, visit

Day-Lee Foods

Foods, Inc.
has been delivering quality meat products to food
service and general consumer markets for more than 30 years. Under its
consumer brands, Crazy
and Day-Lee
, the company is a leader in the frozen Asian-cuisine category,
producing restaurant-quality dishes that deliver authenticity, value and
convenience. For more information about Day-Lee Foods, visit;
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