Credit Czar and FICO All-Star MVP Howe Ready to Work with President-Elect Trump, SubscriberWise Confirms

The founder of the nation’s largest issuing CRA for the telecom
industry and the world’s highest achieving credit scoring consumer since
Alan Turing invented the computer, David E. Howe prepares to advance
child protection with Trump Administration

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Cable–SubscriberWise, the nation’s largest issuing consumer reporting agency
for the communications industry and the leading provider of big data,
advanced-analytics, and business-rules technology, announced today that
the company
founder and CEO
is sending congratulations to President-Elect Donald
Trump while also preparing to advance the organizations’ relentless
child-advocacy with the new administration.

“Today I congratulate Mr. Trump, his family, his campaign, and his
supporters on their election victory,” stated David Howe, SubscriberWise
founder and the nation’s leading protector of children victimized by
identity fraud. “Although I publicly endorsed, financially supported,
and proudly voted for Hillary Clinton, I’m not lamenting this election
outcome in the least. Rather I’m preparing now for the future
opportunity to collaborate with President Trump, primarily for the
benefit of the nation’s most vulnerable – namely the defenseless
children that have been ignored for too long

“President-Elect Trump stated to the nation and the world that ‘…For
those who have chosen not to support me in the past, of which there were
a few people, I’m reaching out to you for your guidance and your help so
that we can work together and unify our great country…it’s time to bind
the wounds of division and come together.’

“I genuinely appreciate hearing these words from the nation’s next
President,” continued Howe. “As the leader of one of the most elaborate
and critical national organizations in this country, I’m routinely
engaged with a myriad of complex federal, state, and local regulations.
The mountain of rules alone means that there is no doubt that President
Trump, along with his administration, will need guidance and help when
it comes to policies dealing with the complexities of the credit and
risk management industry.

“Protecting children with education and technology will also require
specific guidance that the Trump Administration will desperately need,”
emphasized Howe.

“Yes, in conjunction with President-Elect Trump’s statements for
guidance and help, I’m looking forward to collaborating with the Trump
Administration,” concluded Howe. “I’m looking forward to our shared
goals of finding solutions that will benefit each and every one of us – including
babies and minor children
– in many meaningful ways now and into the

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About SubscriberWise

SubscriberWise® launched as the first issuing consumer reporting agency
exclusively for the cable industry one decade ago. The company filed
extensive documentation and end-user agreements to access TransUnion’s
consumer database. TransUnion approved the request as part of a pilot
project in 2007. In 2009, SubscriberWise and TransUnion announced a
joint marketing agreement for the benefit of America’s cable operators.
Today SubscriberWise is a risk management preferred-solutions provider
for the National Cable Television Cooperative.

SubscriberWise was founded by David Howe, who is a consultant and credit
manager for MCTV, where he has remained employed for two decades. At
MCTV, Howe manages the bad debt and equipment losses on annual sales in
excess of $65,000,000.00. During his 20-year career at MCTV, Howe has
reviewed more than 60,000 credit submissions. His interest in credit
began in 1986 as a 17-year-old student in high school.

Over the past decade, Howe has been consulted by every leading
communications operator in the country. Howe’s passion with credit and
risk management can be found everywhere in the industry today. Today,
SubscriberWise touches a U.S. consumer every minute of every hour of
every day.

Howe is also the highest FICO and Vantage achiever in worldwide banking
and financial history. Howe is the only known individual – living or
deceased – to have obtained and documented simultaneous perfect FICO and
Vantage Scores across every national credit bureau.

SubscriberWise contributions to telecom are quantified in the billions
of dollars annually.

SubscriberWise is a U.S.A. federally registered trademark of the
SubscriberWise Limited Liability Co.


David Howe, 888-596-1119