Cut the Fan Fat: New Campaign Aims to Change Eating Habits at Festivals, Sports & Music Events

World’s Largest Mobile Concessionaire Maui Wowi Hawaiian Coffees &
Smoothies Takes Stand for Better Fan Fare

DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Fat is on the rise, with nearly 28
percent of Americans
now clinically obese. While many restaurants,
grocery stores and even work places have started to provide more
well-balanced meal options, sporting and entertainment venues continue
to fatten fans with unhealthy beverages and sodium-laden hot dogs and
nachos. Stepping up to the proverbial plate to change the game is Maui
Wowi Hawaiian Coffees and Smoothies, with its Cut
the Fan Fat
campaign – a mission to provide better-for-you ‘fan
fare’ at ballparks, stadiums, concert halls and fairgrounds around the

Research shows that Americans are ready for such a shift. According to
the National
Hot Dog and Sausage Council
, hot dog consumption at major league
stadiums has gone down to 18 million today from 26 million in 2004.
Feeding off this consumer demand for healthier options at entertainment
venues, Maui
Wowi Hawaiian
, which has 450 units worldwide, is taking the
following steps:

  • Competing with Fatty Fan Fare: Maui Wowi Hawaiian is securing
    an increasing number of contracts at stadiums and entertainment venues
    for its mobile tiki huts, providing fans with all-natural fruit
    smoothies and premium Kona coffee blends. Current stadiums and
    entertainment venues where Maui Wowi Hawaiian is available include:

    • Red Rocks Amphitheatre & Coors Field (Denver)
    • Petco Park (San Diego)
    • NRG Stadium (Houston)
    • Xcel Energy Center & Target Center (Minneapolis)
  • Rallying the System: Encouraging its 205 franchisees to embrace
    the Cut the Fan Fat campaign and train them how to negotiate a
    deal to be included at large event venues and promote the nutritional
    benefits of smoothies.
  • Fan Education: Providing educational collateral to attendees at
    entertainment events with details supporting the nutritional benefits
    of eating and drinking healthy.
  • Uniting Fellow Vendors: Maui Wowi Hawaiian envisions the Cut
    the Fan Fat
    campaign cause to spread among other food and drink
    vendors, gradually changing the food culture at the nation’s
    entertainment venues.

“It’s unfortunate that even those fans who practice healthy everyday
lifestyles are offered nothing but 1,500+ calorie nachos and 1,200+
calorie peanuts with hardly any better options,” said Maui Wowi Hawaiian
CEO Mike Weinberger. “We’re passionate about this cause and are prepared
to fight the fight on behalf of fans everywhere. Whether it’s a rodeo,
concert, festival, football game or anywhere else that was previously
synonymous with heavy meats and deep fryers, Maui Wowi Hawaiian will be
a much needed oasis of healthier options.”

Maui Wowi Hawaiian offers good reasons why fans of beer and brats might
want to consider “cutting the fan fat”:

  • Save Money – One filling smoothie is significantly less
    expensive than several hot dogs and beers
  • More Energy to Cheer – All-natural fruit smoothies boost
    energy, vs. the opposite effect of heavy food & drink.
  • Thrills, Not Spills – With lid-protected smoothies, fans can
    cheer worry-free of spills on their dry-clean-only jerseys.

About Maui Wowi Hawaiian

Since 1982, Maui Wowi Hawaiian has embraced the Hawaiian culture and has
been serving paradise in a cup since the day it began, over 30 years
ago. From event carts, mall kiosks and stand-alone retail locations,
Maui Wowi Hawaiian offers premium, all-natural, gluten-free, fresh-fruit
smoothies, as well as gourmet Hawaiian coffees and espresso beverages.
The company maintains strong community involvement through fundraising
efforts by its franchisees, in addition to Team Karma; an initiative
that promotes corporate responsibility and giving back to the community.
The brand has more than 450 operating units in seven countries and an
online store, and was recently ranked No. 5 on the
Denver Business Journal’s list of 2015 Franchisors. To learn more
information about Maui Wowi Hawaiian’s products, locations or flexible,
low-cost franchising opportunities, visit


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