“Cycles + Sex” in NYC Tackles Conversations about Fluids. Periods. Bodies. Hormones. Birth. Cycles. Sex.

Juicy workshops and panel discussions with 35+ experts provide
latest information and products

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The doula duo behind NYC-based Brilliant Bodies and founder of mass
meditation movement, The Big Quiet, have partnered to produce Cycles
+ Sex
, a first-of-its-kind event to be held on April 30th,
2017, 11:30AM-7PM at 404 10th Ave to educate and
celebrate the interconnectedness of the menstrual, hormonal,
reproductive, and sexual health of females for overall wellbeing.

“Sex education in schools is not mandated in eighteen U.S. states, and
in those states where classes are offered, the focus is often limited to
abstinence and preventing STIs, leaving a tremendous knowledge gap about
sexual, hormonal and menstrual
,” says Ashley Spivak, Co-Founder of Cycles + Sex and
Brilliant Bodies. “We want to start the tough conversations—to inspire
people to call their friends and say: ‘Wait, did you know that you can’t
actually get pregnant every time you have sex?’ or, ‘That smell you’re
experiencing might be because your vaginal pH is way higher than normal
due to blood from your period or semen during sex. All you need to do is
normalize your pH. And, yeast and bacteria can be kept in balance with a
vaginal probiotic.’”

Cycles + Sex will feature a full day of workshops and panels with more
than 35
thought-leaders and innovators
in the fields of medicine, business,
law, policy, non-profit, media, beauty, nutrition, and tech, delivering
important health information from periods and birth to sex and hormones.

Nearly 30 vendors will provide samples and products, including: social
enterprise organic
, egg
, natural
sexual wellness products
, and an app
that screens for painful periods
. There will also be a chance to win
goodie bags filled with featured vendor products like RepHresh
, aimed at ‘putting
a period after your period
,’ Pro-B,
and the First
Response Early Result Pregnancy Test
that tells you six days before
a missed period.

“We need to start paying attention, learn how to decipher the many clues
our bodies give us, and take control of our health now; that’s why we’re
opening up the discussion – to make informed decisions alongside our
doctors,” adds Natalia Hailes, Co-Founder of Cycles + Sex and Brilliant


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