D&D Technologies Launches MagnaLatch® ALERT, the World’s First and Only Integrated Safety Gate Latch and Alarm

Offering the ultimate security and protection for gates around swimming
pools, homes, childcare centers, schools and wherever safety is critical

MIAMI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Following the success of MagnaLatch®, the original and still the
best-selling safety gate latch in the market, D&D Technologies
introduces the award-winning MagnaLatch®
, the world’s first and only combined gate latch and electronic
alarm system. Now featuring dual electronic warnings: bright, flashing
LED lights, and an audible alarm. This product is currently available
for purchase on Amazon.

This integrated safety gate latch can be easily installed in minutes
without the need for special tools, screws or wiring. See the MagnaLatch
ALERT in action in this installation

“Gates control access to properties and when securely closed provide a
barrier to help protect loved ones and possessions,” says Jim Paterson,
Senior VP of Sales and Marketing, D&D Technologies. “If a gate is left
open or not securely latched, a consumer may have an open door to
danger. D&D Technologies invented MagnaLatch ALERT to provide consumers
with a clear warning when a gate is not completely closed and latched,
providing its intended level of security. Most gates are not visible
from inside a home. We designed ALERT with both audio and visual
warnings to help alert consumers to a potential risk, regardless of
where they are on their property.”

If the latch is opened and/or gate is left unlatched, the new visual
alarm gives a visual warning with flashing LED lights, while the audible
alarm beeps and turns into a full alarm after 15 seconds. In addition to
these new features, MagnaLatch ALERT offers:

  • NEW Rekeyable security lock: The 6-pin lock cylinder can be
    rekeyed, by a locksmith, to match other locks around the home.
  • NEW Visible Lock Indicator: Shows you at a glance whether
    MagnaLatch ALERT is locked or unlocked.
  • NEW Disarm Feature: The touch-sensor disarm feature allows an
    adult to temporarily disarm the ALERT for up to 15 minutes. Feature
    not to be used on pool or safety gates.
  • NEW Safe, ergonomic lift knob: With its new design, the lift
    knob is now more conveniently shaped and child resistant than ever.

MagnaLatch ALERT is available in two models: the amazon.com%2FMagnaLatch-Alert-Magnetic-Safety-Electronic%2Fdp%2FB00XM1O4EW%2Fref%3Dpd_sim_sbs_60_2%3Fie%3DUTF8%26dpID%3D310CyCo8bIL%26dpSrc%3Dsims%26preST%3D_AC_UL160_SR160%252C160_%26refRID%3D0F1R1V9QSEQFDCH5KAAT&esheet=51212915&newsitemid=20151029006540&lan=en-US&anchor=Top+Pull&index=4&md5=ce1b87cca39bf72d16cabf4e05b706de” rel=”nofollow”>Top
and the amazon.com%2Fgp%2Fproduct%2FB00XM1V5RG%2Fref%3Ds9_dcbhz_bw_g60_i2_sh&esheet=51212915&newsitemid=20151029006540&lan=en-US&anchor=Vertical+Pull&index=5&md5=304e36d37d40e6dc46fa434505ff8eda” rel=”nofollow”>Vertical
. Both gate latches are made from industrial strength
polymers, aluminum and stainless steel that eliminate rusting and
jamming, making it the perfect choice for any outdoor space where safety
is a must. While the MagnaLatch ALERT Top Pull model is ideal for all
child safety or pool applications, the shorter Vertical Pull model
offers protection on pet security and general-purpose gates around the
home and garden.

MagnaLatch® has set the standard for child safety gate latches for more
than 25 years. Millions of families worldwide have trusted MagnaLatch®
with their children’s safety. For more information on D&D products,
please visit www.ddtechglobal.com.

About D&D Technologies

D&D Technologies is the recognized leader in safety and premium grade
gate hardware manufacturing, including MagnaLatch® magnetic pool and
safety gate latches, TruClose® adjustable, self-closing gate hinges,
SureClose® commercial grade closer & hinge, and LokkLatch® gate latches.
D&D’s diversity of products continually set new standards in design,
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D&D products consistently exceed all
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