DERMA MD®’s MID-LIFT11© Delivers Effective Alternative to Invasive Treatments

® announces exciting results reported by customers and
professionals soon after using its recently introduced MID-LIFT11©
topical cream. “After a year of R&D, we formulated MID-LIFT11©
around a proprietary blend of peptides that improve elastin fibers and
increases collagen synthesis in the skin of the neck and chest,”
explains DERMA
® President Sheila
, LE. “The result is a product that keeps lines and wrinkles
from developing further, smoothes out roughness in mature, sun-damaged
skin, and provides a younger, firmer, more lifted, sculpted-looking

“A patient recently came in to address an issue with her facial skin
because, at 60, she wanted to start dating again,” says Houston
Dermatologist Dr.
Seymour Weaver
, “but she realized that her neck and chest needed as
much attention. If you want to maintain a youthful appearance, at any
age, you cannot stop at the face.”

Several years earlier, Malmanis noticed the same problem in her
mirror. But, she explains, “There are few products that address the
neck, throat and décolleté’s unique needs. I formulated MID-LIFT11©
because I’m over 60 and this is an area I needed to see improved…QUICK!”

“The skin of the neck and chest has its own uniqueness,” says Weaver.
“There are things that you can do on the face that can injure the skin
on the neck and chest, so you must be very careful. The way the skin
heals itself requires great care when choosing a treatment. The neck is
an area of constant motion too, so you need something that will also
restore elasticity.”

“Eighty percent of people who consult for surgical procedures would
rather have a nonsurgical treatment,” Weaver estimates. In response to
increasing interest in rejuvenating the neck and chest, he recommends MID-LIFT11©
to his patients—and reports that his staff started using it, too.

MID-LIFT11© offers a blend of top quality
ingredients that are not found in the same combination in any other
products,” Weaver explains. “It really represents two products in one:
One boosts collagen production, and another lifts and tightens. It works
on, and beneath, the skin to create the most improvement.”

“Reaction has been fantastic!” Malmanis
reports. “MID-LIFT11©
was recently featured on Canada’s
Global News Network Morning Show


Sheila Malmanis, 866-940-7546