Digital Trends Announces 2016 “Best of IFA” Award Winners

Editorial Team Selects Most Outstanding Products Across Eight

revealed its Best of IFA 2016 award winners, celebrating the top tech
offered by Europe’s largest consumer electronics show.

Digital Trends’ team of nine writers, editors and video producers spent
last week in Berlin getting hands-on time with the latest products and
hot new technologies on the floor of the international trade show. The
staff narrowed down the field to eight categories – Home, Computing,
Wearables, Latin Innovation, Audio, Video, Cool Tech and Mobile – and
selected their 11 favorite products unveiled at IFA.

“Our 2016 Best of IFA Awards recognize the best new products that
represent the pinnacle of their categories,” said Jeremy Kaplan, Editor
in Chief, “Using their expert knowledge and
experience reviewing and testing products, our team scoured the trade
show floor to select the most innovative products that improve life for
consumers in a variety of ways.”

Winning products are selected based on multiple criteria, including use
of innovative technology, design, ease of use, and their ability to
enhance people’s lives in new ways.

The winners of Digital Trends’ Best of IFA Awards 2016 are:

Best of Show: Lenovo Yoga Book
This flexible notebook offers
a dual-purpose touchscreen surface, serving not only as the computer’s
keyboard but digital notepad as well. The hidden ability to take notes
on-the-go, paired the with the versatility of either an Android or
Windows operating system, made this device stand out.

Best Audio: Audeze iSine 10
Sporting the first single-driver
planer magnetic in-ear design, the iSine was top-to-bottom an elegant
pair of headphones. Filtering out the din of a tradeshow floor was no
issue, and its compatibility with a traditional and Apple Lightning
cable made these something to swoon over.

Best Computing: Lenovo Yoga 910
This venerable 2-in-1 still
stands apart from the crowd with its ability to bring many innovations
together in one package. The latest Intel Core processor, a thin-bezel
display and solid state hard drive at an affordable price drive a hard

Cool Tech: Yuneec Breeze & Botspot
Drones have become
the belle of the ball at many of the recent tradeshows, but Yuneec
continues to wow the crowds year after year. Its Breeze drone offers the
first 4K camera for under $500, making it a must-have for filmmakers or
drone enthusiasts. Its capable flying and range of automated flight
modes offer a hint of what can be had on more expensive devices, while
still being approachable.

Botspot’s giant 3D scanner is an incredible piece of technology as it
is, essentially, a cylindrical rom with walls made of light and a series
of DSLR cameras. Using some photo-magic called photogrammetry, Botscan
can capture minute details that can then be used across a variety of
applications from architecture to virtual shopping.

Best of Home: LG InstaView Signature Fridge and Netatmo Smart
LG’s InstaView Signature Fridge lets users raid the fridge
without even opening the door, thanks to a smart display that turns
transparent when you tap on it. Further plans for Windows integration
allow this appliance to truly become the center of your kitchen.

Netatmo’s Smart Valve replaces users’ standard radiator knobs with an
attractive piece of technology that allows them to control their
thermostat via a phone bridge, even if the apartment hasn’t been
completely outfitted for a smart system. Its easy-install and uninstall
make it ideal for apartment dwellers.

Best Latin Innovation: Solidmation
A new face in the world
of the Connected Home, Solidmation is a new platform for IoT devices to
help users save and automate their homes’ most mundane tasks elegantly.
Using just the Wifi connection in the home, Solidmation devices easily
gain smart features, even if they had none before.

Best Mobile: ZTE Axon 7 Mini
A scaled down version of the
company’s Axon 7 still manages to impress us, with the company shrinking
nearly every component – even the price – into a 5.2-inch design.
Remarkable audio makes this handset a stand-out with its dual
front-facing speakers.

Best Video: Philips 901F 4K UHD OLED TV
OLED TVs have taken
center stage and Philips latest 901F 4K entrant is sure to drive
competition into the market. Vibrant colors and saturated blacks make
images pop, and the company’s ear-mounted LEDs create ambient light that
helps create a more immersive experience. Best of all, the price makes
it a solid competitor, just begging to be added to your living room.

Best Wearable: Samsung Gear S3 Frontier
Samsung’s Gear line
continues to impress with its latest iteration of the connected
smartwatch. This year’s Gear S3 Frontier still sports the Tizen
operating system, but after consultations with Swiss manufacturers
borrows a lot of its looks and functions from traditional timepieces.
Coupled with swiveling bezel and Always-On display made famous in the S7
and Note 7, the device could easily be mistaken for an analog watch.

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