Dr. Yim of TL Plastic Surgery Successfully Delivered Lecture on Next-Generation Mammoplasty Implants at “Motiva Launching Symposium”

SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–PRS (Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons) KOREA 2016 ‘Motiva Launching
Symposium’ was held from 17th to 20th of November

This symposium marking the 50th anniversary of the Korean
Society of Plastic and Resconstructive Surgeons was attended by around
2,000 members, world-renowned scholars and medical professionals with an
aim to contribute to development of medical technology and enhancing a
satisfaction rate of patients.

On the 19th, Dr. Yim Joonghyuk of TL Plastic Surgery gave a
lecture on motiva implants to the medical professionals. He explained
about a nanosurface of motiva implants which have drawn a lot of
attention as a next-generation implant at the Motiva Launching Symposium.

Dr. Yim talked about his experience on conducting procedures with motiva
implants, introduced to Korea last July. His presentation, giving out
detailed explanations on various elements on the product such as its
touch, was met with a big applause from the audience of around 2,000. It
received a positive response on demonstrating excellence of motiva

The presenter Dr. Yim said, “The Motiva Launching Symposium was
significant in proving excellence and potential of motiva implants” and
added, “It will make a contribution to the medical field as the relevant
medical professionals shared the information on the product and
discussed related issues and exchanged their techniques at the

Aside from this symposium, Dr. Yim has delivered a wide range of
lectures on implants through academic activities. He is considered as a
medical professional who puts his utmost efforts to development of the
relevant field by publishing various studies on implants introduced to


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