D’Sapone Introduces ‘Healthy Shower’ in Atlanta

Atlanta based company imparts breakthrough shower restoration service
with the quality products from pFOkUS

ATLANTA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Listed as the one of the world’s leading shower restoration companies,
D’Sapone always strives hard to offer spectacular stone, glass, tile and
grout restoration services for their customers.

D’Sapone’s artists do their job with the impressive products from
pFOkUS, which manufactures the best quality sealers and cleaners for
shower restoration. D’Sapone and pFOkUS formed a partnership in 2015 to
lead the business towards achievement.

D’Sapone’s restoration products include:

  • Caponi

A 2 part Titanium pigmented grout sealer, which has been engineered to
offer a positive result in any type of environment wherever it is used.
Caponi is compatible for wet and dry areas and protects the grout for a
long time. D’Sapone offers a 5 year warranty on this sealer, when it is
taken care of with Valore.

  • Valore

Once the grout lines are sealed and hard dots on the shower glass are
removed, D’Sapone maintains them with Valore for a stain free and
spotless shower for a long time.

  • Sentura

A 2-part solvent resin/ epoxy filler, Sentura is a substitute for caulk.
D’Sapone uses this product to keep the shower mold and stain free.

To learn more about the products of pFOkUS, visit www.pFOkUS.com.

About D’Sapone

Initially christened as Atlanta Tile and Grout Care, D’Sapone was
established in 2005 with the vision of offering transcendent tile,
grout, stone and glass restoration services for any part of the home.
Headquartered in Georgia, D’Sapone now has branches in Oklahoma, Florida
and New York.

Visit the Atlanta site at http://www.dsapone.com/georgia/atlanta/.

About pFOkUS

In order to meet every customer’s expectations, D’Sapone formed a
partnership with pFOkUS in 2015. Founded in 2013, pFOkUS has
manufactured more than 20 products for tile, grout and shower glass
restoration, within 3 years.

Valore is their only product offered on the market.


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