Ecomed Solutions Introduces Sureglide Cesarean Delivery Safety Scalpel

Ergonomic design and protected blade delivers unmatched safety to
everyone from mother and child to doctor, nurses and other medical
personnel in delivery room

, the developer and manufacturer of innovative healthcare
solutions, today unveiled the Sureglide
Cesarean scalpel at the Society
for Maternal-Fetal Medicine
’s 37th Annual Pregnancy
Meeting in Las Vegas. The scalpel, designed by ob-gyns for ob-gyns,
reduces the risk
of fetal injury
from nicks, cuts or lacerations during cesarean
deliveries and protects doctors, nurses and other personnel from sharps

In the U.S., more than 30
percent of births are by C-section
, up from 23
percent in 2000
. As these numbers rise, so does the risk of fetal
injuries, which according to the National
Institutes of Health (NIH)
, occur in at least three percent of all
pregnancies. Most often, the face, cheek and ear of the fetus is in the
line of the hysterotomy incision. According to The
American Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics
, these types of birth
injuries can cause long-term and sometimes permanent health issues.

“The most stressful aspect of a delivery for every doctor is getting the
baby out safely,” explained Dr. Andrea
, a top rated ob-gyn practitioner based in Grand Rapids,
Michigan and medical consultant for Sureglide. “Just like the mother and
father, we invest 9 months in preparing for the most precious moment of
a family’s life. With Sureglide, a doctor is assured that every risk is
managed right up to the last moment in pregnancy.”

As the number of C-sections increase, so do the potential dangers to
surgical staff. Sharps
can happen before, during and after procedures are
completed. They even occur after disposal. Whether the injury is to the
infant or staff, these types of injuries result in both direct and
indirect costs associated with reporting, treatment, benefits costs, not
to mention emotional distress and future health repercussions. The Centers
for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
estimates that about
385,000 sharps-related injuries occur annually among health care workers
in hospitals.

Unlike typical surgical scalpels that offer no protection to surgical
teams and babies, Sureglide’s design and movement eliminates any fetal
exposure to the blade during a hysterotomy regardless of uterine wall
thickness or number of passes. The scalpel, developed with input from
surgeons using it, incorporates safety features that prevent sharps and
fetal injury and captures optimal feel and elegance including:

  • Protected blade designed to cut up and away from fetus and eliminates
    exposure to blade by surgical staff
  • Ergonomically designed handle similar to traditional scalpel with
    greater control, familiar feel and line of sight to incision
  • Raised ribs for better grip

“From the moment the pregnancy test comes back as positive, parents plan
for just about everything from prenatal care to the outfit the baby will
leave the hospital in,” said David Yurek, CEO of Ecomed Solutions. “If a
cesarean delivery is part of the plan, parents and physicians now have
an option to make sure the baby is protected during the delivery. Scars
should be left for memories of learning to ride a bike, not childbirth.”

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