Egaceutical Corporation Demonstrates Human Age Reversal, Patent is Pending

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The first international patent application for human age reversal has
just been published by the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). The patent
application, PCT/US2016/055173, is called “RESETTING BIOLOGICAL PATHWAYS
the inventor is Joel T. Huizenga of Egaceutical
from La Jolla, California.

An example in the patent demonstrates age reversal in humans with a
triple therapy called EGA® (age spelled backwards) from
Egaceutical Corporation. The triple therapy incorporates knowledge from
ten leading theories of aging to allow EGA® to physically control three
major pathways in cellular biology resulting in the turning on and
keeping on of pattern-recognition and sensing enzymes called sirtuins.
Humans have 7 varieties of sirtuins. The three pathways controlled by
EGA® include 1) an energy-sensing pathway that senses low energy from
NAD+ (as well as NAD+ removal by CD-38) and cAMP; 2) a methylation
pathway that also regulates RNA transcription (the turning on of DNA,
also called epigenetics); and 3) the reduction/oxidation pathways
(REDOX) that are sensed by sulphur-containing thiol groups of proteins.

Previous research in mice at Washington University School of Medicine
and Harvard Medical School has shown sirtuins are turned on by NAD+
(ingestion of the NAD+ precursor nicotinamide mononucleotide, NMN, that
turns into NAD+). Early Egaceutical research showed NAD+ can turn on
sirtuins in humans, but sirtuins, even with available NAD+, can be
turned off by cellular feedback loops. This patent solves that problem
of human repair being turned off, and also solves the problem of NAD+
and NMN being degraded by the enzyme CD-38. CD-38 increases with age,
causing NAD+ to decrease with age. Triple therapy (EGA®) turns on
sirtuins and keeps the human feedback loops from turning sirtuins off,
as well as keeping CD-38 off, so that CD-38 does not degrade NAD+ and
NMN before they can be used to power repair.

Aging is the accumulated cellular damage over time that is unrepaired.
Cellular damage increases exponentially after puberty. Sirtuin enzymes
are normally turned off because evolution designed our cells to be very
energy efficient. In evolution, our ancestors were not able to get all
the energy from food they would have benefited from and evolution did
not allocate energy to keep on cellular repair sufficiently to prevent

The patent creates a “Unified Theory of Aging” from 10 Theories of
Aging. The theories are:

  • Metchnikoff’s Hypothesis of Aging (Metchnikoff E., 1901)
  • Rate of Living Theory of Aging (Rubner M., 1908; Pearl R., 1928)
  • The Calorie Restriction Theory of Aging (McCay C., 1935)
  • The Free Radical Theory of Aging (Harmon D., 1956)
  • The Somatic Mutation Theory of Aging (Szilard L., 1959)
  • The Methylation Theory of Aging (Vanyushin B., 1967)
  • Disposable Soma Theory of Aging (Kirkwood T. and Rose M., 1991)
  • Inflammaging Theory of Aging (Franceschi C., 2007)
  • Retrotransposon Theory of Aging (Laurent G., 2010)
  • Redox Stress Hypothesis of Aging (Sohal R., 2012)

The initial Egaceutical study showed reversal of biological age with
EGA® in 12 human males from age 46 to 66 with no negative side effects.
The three compounds in the patented EGA® are natural components of human
cells, and because “aging” is not classified as a disease by the FDA,
Egaceutical Corporation does not need FDA approval to market EGA® for
human age reversal, and EGA® will therefore be available to consumers
within the coming months.

In addition to the youthful feelings in the treated individuals, proof
of biological age reversal comes from the changes (decreases) in
molecular biological markers (examples: IL-6 and TNF-alpha) that
Egaceutical Corporation found in study subjects that took EGA®. Previous
large scientific human studies by others had determined that these
markers are predictive of life span (how long a human individual will
live) and health span (how physically and mentally healthy that life
will be). Age is the main cause of the “diseases of aging” (heart
disease, stroke, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, etc.); thus EGA® is
predicted to eliminate the onset of these diseases. Three out of the
twelve males in the initial study had arthritis, which was eliminated
once they were on EGA®. The pharmaceutical market for arthritis alone is
$30 billion per year.

A larger double-blind, placebo-controlled study for EGA® is now being
planned by the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine
for the benefit of the scientific and medical community. Egaceutical
Corporation is presently raising $25 million to fund this study.

The estimated yearly markets impacted by this patent in US dollars are:

Aging $191.7 billion, Heart disease $55 billion, Stroke $28.3 billion,
Neurogenerative disease $25.1 billion, Diabetes $55.3 billion, Cancer
$100 billion, Respiratory $25 billion, Autoimmune disease $55.6 billion,
Inflammation disease $85.9 billion, Total estimate $621.9 billion

For more information on Egaceutical’s PCT patent application see:

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