Emergency Care, Alcohol-Related Needs Are Hot Health Care Searches on Thanksgiving

New data from HealthSparq shows a serious spike around the holiday

PORTLAND, Ore.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–From severed fingers, to burned body parts, to over-drinking and food
poisoning, the week of Thanksgiving means emergency rooms across the
country see more action, according to HealthSparq.
Data from the company’s health care shopping tools in 2015 showed:

  • Thanksgiving Day had five times the average daily searches for
    emergency-related care.
  • Out of the entire week, nearly one-third of emergency-related
    searches were on the holiday itself.
  • The entire week of Thanksgiving yields twice the year average
    of urgent care searches.
  • Hospital-related searches are nearly two times as high during
    Thanksgiving Day. This includes anyone looking for hospital location
    and details, acute care needs, and more.

And after watching your drunk uncle chow down on turkey, you might not
be surprised by these other Thanksgiving search trends:

  • Searches related to gastroenterology rose 48 percent during
    Thanksgiving week. Gam
    might have a thing or two to say about all those follow-up
    bills, too!
  • Alcohol-related searches doubled during Thanksgiving week. From
    “alcohol rehab” to “alcohol recovery,” it looks like Thanksgiving is
    prime time for interventions!

“From getting too drunk, to eating too much at Thanksgiving dinner,
HealthSparq is happy to confirm once and for all that yes, holidays like
this do have the potential to cause health problems!” said Torben
Nielsen, senior vice president of product and strategy at HealthSparq.

This HealthSparq data is based on health care shopping behavior for
HealthSparq users throughout 2015. These Thanksgiving-related data
points are compared against the average daily search rates throughout
the year, or the total number of searches for Thanksgiving week.
HealthSparq serves 71 health plans and their 74 million members
nationwide, and the company looks forward to discovering which health
care search trends we see at this year’s Thanksgiving dinner, which is
sure to be eventful.

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