Exclusive three-day promotion for Puppyoo’s hands-free vacuum cleaner

New vacuum offered at up to 68% off

BEIJING–(BUSINESS WIRE)–China’s most popular robotic vacuum cleaner brand Puppyoo launches the
WP615 automatic, hands-free vacuum cleaner with a three-day promotion on
the e-commerce site AliExpress’ 7th Anniversary Sale.

The WP615 is a robotic vacuum cleaner, which uses intelligent sensors to
navigate itself around the floor to clean, freeing up time for you. The
WP615 has a sleek black shell and glides across the floor expertly
cleaning each area.

The promotion will launch at 08:00 on 28th March and will finish at
08:00 on 30th March.

Usually priced at $499, WP615 will be available with 68% off if bought
using a mobile, and 66% off through the desktop site during this time.
This means the truly innovative hands-free vacuum can be bought for as
little as 159.68 USD (mobile) or 169.66 USD (desktop).

Cutting-edge technology

The quiet robotic vacuum cleaner navigates its way around the floor to
give people more time to do other tasks.

Equipped with an SF2 smart chip, the WP615 collects data to determine
which part of the floor needs cleaning, which cleaning mode it should
use, and where it should go next. It works perfectly on many types of
surface including wooden floors, tiles, as well as carpets.

It has four smart cleaning modes, which includes Wisdom Cleaning, Spiral
Cleaning, Border Cleaning, Directional Cleaning.

While most robotic vacuums adopt a simple filtration system, which often
allows dust to get into the filter and cause it to jam. WP615 uses the
Cyclone+HEPA Double Filtration system. The high speed cyclone flow will
separate the air from the dust, which means the dust will be stopped by
the filter, and the air comes out without causing any blockages.

With outstanding 1000Pa suction power the WP615 has no trouble with
hairs, dust, debris and other forms of dirt. Its expert design and
filtration system means it will never lose suction.

Its 2600mAh Lithium Battery charges in 5-6 hours and can be used for 90

For more information about Puppyoo products on AliExpress please visit https://puppyoo.aliexpress.com/store/1147367?tracelog=vacuum2



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