FactorTrust and Megasys Inc. Innovate to Uncover Potential Qualified Borrowers Not Appearing in Traditional Bureau Data

Collaboration enables lenders to safely grow their portfolio and
increase their reach to untapped underbanked consumers

The Alternative Credit Bureau, announced today increased underwriting
capabilities offered to lenders by combining its ability to accurately
mine and score underbanked consumers with Megasys Inc.’s integrated
credit data and underwriting service software. Lenders now have an
enhanced opportunity to review a consumer’s creditworthiness and ability
to repay with real-time, automated decisioning tools like never before.

“By collaborating with Megasys Inc., we are helping them deliver to
their lenders a powerful new window into a large population of consumers
who are worthy of credit but often invisible through the lens of
traditional bureau data and scoring,” says Greg Rable, CEO at
FactorTrust. “The result is a cost-effective way to broaden a lender’s
base while minimizing the risk of doing so.”

The auto sales industry and installment lending are just two of the
areas where the underbanked are held hostage to bad or insufficient data
where a lender is unable to make an educated decision about the
creditworthiness of a consumer. FactorTrust incorporates over 200
million loan transaction records tracked in real-time to provide a much
more accurate picture of an underbanked consumer’s ability to borrow and
repay loans.

“The addition of FactorTrust alternative credit data to our Omega
Originations service is helping us to offer an even more accurate view
into pre-approvals and auto-declines that will in turn save lenders
money,” says Theo Austin, President and COO at Megasys Inc. “Partnering
with FactorTrust opens the door to an even larger universe of consumers
who have the means to repay loans, which will help lenders cut costs and
help them grow revenues simultaneously.”

For more information on FactorTrust, please visit www.FactorTrust.com
or contact FactorTrust at 1-866-910-8497.

About FactorTrust

FactorTrust, The Alternative Credit Bureau, helps lenders manage the
credit lifecycle of underbanked consumers using unique alternative
credit information not available from the Big Three bureaus, enabling
them to offer non-prime consumers the credit they deserve. Nearly 113
million U.S. adults have non-prime scores. Leveraging the company’s
credit information, lenders can more accurately predict future borrowing
behavior, credit performance and risk scoring for this growing segment.
Headquartered in Atlanta, the experienced FactorTrust team of predictive
analytics specialists, statisticians and financial industry experts has
delivered unique data and valuable insight to lenders throughout the
U.S. for nearly 10 years. For more information on the quarterly
FactorTrust Underbanked Index or the company itself, visit www.FactorTrust.com.

About Megasys

Founded in 1981, MEGASYS is a closely held California Corporation
that specializes in computer software systems for the consumer finance
industry. MEGASYS is headquartered in Orange, California, and is
backed by an impressive team of finance and technology specialists. To
date, MEGASYS has served over 400 finance companies across the
nation and internationally, helping them improve their bottom line and
stay competitive in this challenging economic climate. For more
information on Megasys, please visit www.megasys.net
or contact Diana Moreau, Sales Manager at 800-927-4490 or sales@megasys.net.


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