Family Business wins Double-Gold, Producing a World-Class, Premium Tequila as One of the Best in the World

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#awards–A relative newcomer in the growing market for premium tequilas recently
walked away with peak honors at a prestigious tasting on the 20th
of March in New York City.

Mi Rancho Añejo Tequila earned the event’s highest award, a Double-Gold
Medal, in competition with other elite brands. The invitation-only
competition was sponsored by, an online guide to fine
living that features unbiased ratings and reviews of wine, spirits,
restaurants and food. Seventeen industry leaders served as judges in the
rigorously controlled testing. Mi Rancho Añejo Tequila was named as one
of the Fifty Best Añejo tequilas in the world.

Mi Rancho Tequila stood out for several reasons. The judges celebrated
its smooth, balanced and distinctive taste. Several approached the
organizers to learn more about it and were surprised to learn that Mi
Rancho Añejo had only been released formally last fall in New York City.

An authentic, premium tequila made from 100-percent blue agave, Mi
Rancho is distilled in Jalisco, Mexico. While the label is new, the
techniques are part of decades-old family traditions. The result is a
craft product with one of the lowest methanol contents in the industry.

Michael Dean, a resident of Kansas City, Kan. and a company principal,
acknowledges a lot of help behind this success. “We have been counseled
by some of the finest Tequileros in Mexico,” he noted. “And we have
nearly a decade in the evolution of this tequila.”

The “company” behind this distinctive drink is actually an extended
family, La Familia Dean-Lozoya. “My family is fully involved,” Dean
explained. “We started on this in the summer of 2008 and through trial
and error, and numerous revisions, we came up with the final product in
the fall of 2015.”

Mi Rancho Tequila was also recognized at last summer’s SIP Awards as one
of the Best Silver/Blanco Tequilas by Public Choice. The brand earned a
Platinum Medal last summer in competition with some of the world’s
largest brands at the SIP tasting event.

“After years of developing, testing and tasting, we’ve created a tequila
that is perfect for all occasions,” Dean concluded. “Mi Rancho tequila
is one of the absolute best because of our combination of age-old
techniques and, with our efficiency, the family ensures that it’s also
an outstanding value.”

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