Financial Literacy Course Graduates First Class at Sacramento Charter High School

A partnership of the California Department of Real Estate, the NID

Housing Counseling Agency (NID-HCA), and Sacramento Charter High School

graduated its first financial literacy high school class and will

present certificates of completion to the students on Thursday, April 26th

at 1:30 p.m. at Sacramento Charter High School.

The financial literacy course, which was created and developed by the

California Department of Real Estate, teaches the fundamentals of

finance to high school students at the junior and senior levels. This is

the first class to use the course that will be offered in the Fall of

each school year at Sacramento Charter High School. Students that

successfully complete the course will earn five units of credit and a

certificate of completion.

The focus of this course is on saving and investing, credit card debt,

loans, rental and lease agreements, buying, borrowing and budgeting.

“Education is crucial if we want to learn from our past mistakes,” said

Bill Moran, Acting Chief Deputy Commissioner of the California

Department of Real Estate. “This course will help students avoid the

pitfalls that surround every financial decision and give them the tools

for a successful financial future.”

“Education is the foundation for prudent decision making,” said

Jacqueline Carlisle, Executive Director, NID-HCA, a HUD-approved

non-profit organization with 25 years of experience in housing

counseling and community building. “The future stewards of the resources

of this great State will learn valuable information which will equip

them in making informed financial choices for years to come.”

To learn more about the Department of Real Estate and Financial

Literacy, please visit