FitnessGenes™ Launches Scott Herman Genetic Workout System

YouTube Fitness Star’s Muscle-Building Plan Personalized to Your DNA

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Just in time for summer, FitnessGenes (,
has partnered with Fitness Guru, Scott Herman, to launch the Scott
Herman Genetic Workout System, an 8-week muscle-building plan
personalized to your individual DNA results, to help you reach your
highest fitness potential.

As much as 50
to 60 percent
 of the variation between people’s physical performance
is genetic and top tech experts are saying the
Next Trillion-Dollar Industry Will Be Built on Genetic Code
FitnessGenes bridges this gap and takes the guesswork out of fitness by
analyzing each client’s DNA to create bespoke workout and nutrition plans.
No more guessing what will work for you, training for months
with little to no progress, or following generic online plans.

“Working with FitnessGenes the past few years has really fine-tuned my
training and opened my eyes to the science behind exercise,” says
Herman. “I’m proud to apply their research to the Scott Herman Genetic
Workout System. It’s a tough 8 weeks but is guaranteed to get you the
most effective results – because it’s backed by science and your

Scott Herman Genetic Workout System
// New Customers

Pricing: $399

  • FitnessGenes DNA Test Kit & Analysis
  • FitnessGenes results report
  • Personalized training and nutrition Action Blueprint
  • Comprehensive macronutrient plan
  • On-going gene and scientific updates
  • 8-week periodized workout plan, designed by Scott Herman and
    personalized to your individual DNA results
  • Online support from FitnessGenes’ science and training team

Scott Herman Genetic Workout Plan
// Existing Customers

Pricing: $199

  • 8-week periodized workout plan, designed by Scott Herman and
    personalized to your individual DNA results
  • Comprehensive macronutrient Plan
  • Online support from FitnessGenes’ science and training team

About Scott Herman

Scott Herman is the founder and owner of Scott Herman Fitness and
A previous winner of Men’s Health Magazine’s ‘Best Abs on the East
Coast’, Scott is also a fitness model, actor and certified personal
trainer. Through his expert guidance and constant engagement with fans,
Scott has built a significant following across social media, including
over 900,000 subscribers to his
YouTube channel
, where he regularly uploads training, nutrition and
lifestyle videos.

About FitnessGenes

FitnessGenes (
is the only DNA-based fitness and nutrition program of its kind. Their
top tier team of doctors and genetic scientists test each client’s DNA
kit and provides a customized digital report that reveals 40 specific
genetic traits including metabolic tendencies, dietary sensitivities,
fat burning capacity, muscle type and recovery time. A personalized
Action Blueprint prescription is then given along with several Genetic
Workout System subscriptions to choose from. Each provides week-by-week
exercise plans and nutritional recommendations based on your DNA, to
maximize fat burning, muscle building and achieve the most optimal
results. Pricing: DNA kit + report ($199) // Workout Systems (From
$1/day). Billions of possibilities — Only one you.


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