Flipagram Embraces Full Screen Video For Its Personal Video Story Network

Flips Are Now Fully Immersive Video Experiences With Up To 60 Seconds
of Free Music

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Flipagram (www.Flipagram.com),
today announced the next generation of its personal video storytelling
app and network by shifting to fully immersive video storytelling.
Flipagrams (Flips) now feature full screen photo-video editing, creation
and browsing, along with up to 60 seconds of free music from tens of
millions of licensed song clips, and a set of new video filters to help
ordinary people tell amazing video stories of all kinds.

Together these changes allow for bigger, better and more engaging mobile
video stories by the tens of millions of everyday creators and thousands
of interesting people on the Flipagram network. This new release follows
the company’s recent announcement that the Flipagram network now counts
more than 1,000
verified music artists
as part of its rapidly scaling community.

“With full screen video we have dramatically improved the Flipagram
experience, so people everywhere can immerse themselves in the sights
and sounds of one another’s personal video stories and get as close to
being there and reliving the moment as possible,” said Farhad Mohit
co-founder and CEO of Flipagram. “Now, the more than 100 million unique
people all over the world who have created at least one Flipagram and
all those who will be joining our community in the future, will be able
to easily create and share Flips that are as immersive as a theatrical
movie, complete with awesome soundtracks of their choosing.”

Many in Flipagram’s growing community of artists and influencers have
eagerly welcomed full screen video including EMM,
, April
, Tim
, Martine
and many others, as well as social media talent and budding Flipastars
like Jacci,
, 2
Dads Plus 4 Kids
, Breanna
, Catalina
, Danielle
, Sam
, Yao
and Malynda

Improved Features for Video Storytelling that Anyone Can Use

Flipagram’s new features are designed to help people of any skill
quickly create and share an amazing personal video story, so they can
express themselves beyond just a silent photo or single video moment.
New Flipagram features include:

  • Simplified full screen photo-video creation and editing flow
  • Improved integration of saved Snapchat and Instagram moments
  • Full screen browsing that immerses viewers in one Flipagram story at a
  • Up to 60 seconds of free music allowing for more varied narrative uses
  • Ten new filters to enhance the look and feel of Flips

Bigger, Better Personal Video Stories with a Beat

With the rise of its video story network in early 2015, Flipagram became
the first major social network to incorporate music into its core
offering, where up to 60 seconds of music acts as a social preview, as
well as the perfect soundtrack for each Flip personal movie that can be
shared and relived. Now by embracing full-screen video, Flips are
literally bigger and better than the posts on other photo or video
sharing apps where single moment highlights are the norm, videos have to
be shortened and squared off, and where music is an afterthought.
Flipagram full screen now also seamlessly complements ephemeral
messaging apps where photos and videos are immersive, but where even the
best moments of your life have to vanish at the end of a single day.

“Flipagram continues to evolve as the place where people of all kinds
come to create or discover fun, inspiring, interesting stories to share
privately with friends or with a growing community of people who know
that while moments pass, the stories last,” said Mohit. “We want to be
the place where all the world’s interesting, creative people and stories
can live on and be enjoyed time and again.”

About Flipagram

Everyone has stories worth telling. Flipagram’s mission is to give
everyone the power to create and share amazing personal video stories
with music that can inspire, entertain and inform. Flipagrams (Flips)
are easy to create, fun to consume and by allowing photos, videos and
music to tell the story, Flips transcend language, giving people all
over the world the ability to share their own stories and to have a
powerful voice. With tens of millions of users monthly worldwide and
growing, Flipagram is a go-to platform for musical artists, influencers,
brands and millions of ordinary people looking to tell stories in an
authentic way that resonates and inspires action. Flipagram is fully
licensed to allow music use in its videos via agreements with top record
companies including Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment,
Warner Music, Merlin and The Orchard—and music publishers, including
Sony/ATV Music Publishing, Universal Music Publishing Group, BMG, and
the NMPA. Flipagram is available on iOS, Android, Amazon and Windows

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