Flipagram Launches Free 60 Second Music Clips

One Minute Video Stories Enable More Creative Freedom

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Flipagram (www.Flipagram.com),
the personal video story app is doubling the length of free music clips
it offers. Starting today, millions of free 60 second clips —from the
most popular to the most obscure songs— will be available for use on
Flipagram. Now anyone on Flipagram can create, share and discover
amazing minute long video stories, set to music they love, even if they
have no songs stored on their phones.

“Access to longer free music clips has been a consistent top ask from
our community,” said Farhad Mohit, Co-Founder and CEO of Flipagram.
“Just in time for the holidays and everyone’s end-of-year recap videos,
we are excited to double the length of free music clips offered on
Flipagram, and to see the creativity and freedom of expression that is
enabled by minute-long personal videos set to all kinds of awesome

Stories Last Longer Than Moments

Unlike moment sharing networks with 6 to 15 second video limits,
Flipagram has always allowed for longer videos and a range of narrative
expression. With extended free music for all, Flipagram now enables
longer personal video stories to have the perfect soundtrack.

“Minute long musical video stories open the space to show more and say
more in creations that need them,” says Mohit. “Event recaps can be
richer, comedy can be funnier, and drama more dramatic.”

Minute long videos also improve the immersive quality and pacing of
stories that need more time to tell, such as end-of-year recaps, how
tos, recipes, travel adventures, birthdays, pregnancies, weddings,
memorials, and countless other creative stories that are being told on

“The memorable events and personal stories of our lives shape who we are
today and give context and meaning to our being,” says Mohit. “Far more
than the single photos and ephemeral chats we share and forget, the
ability to save, share and replay the memorable stories of our lives,
will ultimately be the most satisfying and rewarding part of our online
social experience.”

Differentiated Global Offering

Flipagram is the first social mobile app to incorporate music into the
core of its offering, because it is the first app focused on short video
stories where music fits naturally—as opposed to apps for chatting,
sharing individual photos, or micro-videos, where music is an
afterthought. And, as a result of landmark licensing deals with all of
the major record labels and most music publishers, Flipagram enables the
use of popular music in minute long personal video stories, worldwide.

“No other major mobile social network has extensive music rights and
most limit users to sharing only video moments,” says Mohit. “Instagram
restricts videos to 15 seconds, while Vine and other apps have even
shorter limits. However, now every Flipagram user across the globe has a
full minute of free music to express themselves and to create the
perfect video story set to the perfect soundtrack.”

Links to Flipagrams Made with 60 Second Clips:

About Flipagram

Everyone has stories worth telling. Flipagram’s mission is to give
everyone the power to create and share amazing video stories that can
inspire, entertain and inform. Flipagrams are easy to create, fun to
consume and by allowing photos, videos and music to tell the story, they
transcend language, giving people all over the world the ability to
share their stories and to have a voice. With tens of millions of users
monthly worldwide and growing, Flipagram is quickly becoming a go-to
platform for musical artists, influencers, brands and millions of
ordinary people to easily tell their stories in a way that resonates and
inspires action. Flipagram is fully licensed for music use via
agreements with top record companies including Universal Music Group,
Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music, Merlin and The Orchard—and music
publishers, including Sony/ATV Music Publishing, Universal Music
Publishing Group, BMG, and the NMPA. Flipagram is available on iOS,
Android, Amazon and Windows platforms.

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