Free Guide to Child Sexual Abuse Recovery Released Today

First-of-its-kind Guide provides roadmap for action after sexual
abuse is discovered

, the leading child sexual abuse prevention non-profit
organization, today released its free Hope & Healing Guide, a
proactive recovery roadmap for parents, victims and families following a
child’s disclosure of sexual abuse. Free print and online versions, the
first-of-its-kind Hope & Healing Guide are available at

“When my daughter told me she had been a victim of sexual abuse, I was
devastated. The Hope & Healing Guide would have been a
godsend in those first few days and months,” said Ariel Josker, Florida

Lauren’s Kids’ free Hope & Healing Guide offers information,
advice and therapeutic activities to help families navigate their
child’s individual path to long-term recovery, often manifesting in
three steps forward and 10 steps back. 90 percent
of abuse occurs at the hands of someone the victim and their parents
know and trust

The need for expert guidance in response to child sexual abuse stems
from personal experience. When she disclosed her years of abuse, Lauren
, Lauren’s Kids CEO and Founder, recalls her own family not
knowing what to do or whether they should even touch or hug her.

This free Hope & Healing Guide is designed for use at any
point after a child discloses sexual abuse. 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 5 boys
are sexually abused by the time they reach 18 years of age, translating
to 42 million U.S. survivors of childhood sexual
abuse who are in the process of healing and recovery today

Free online and in print via online order, Lauren’s Kids’ Hope &
Healing Guide
contains four sections, to read in order or referenced
independently as needed:

. Recognize: Healthy sexual behaviors for children, statistics and signs
of child sexual abuse.

. Report: Who to contact, information to collect and the process for
reporting child sexual abuse.

. Respond: How to comfort and protect your child after a disclosure of
sexual abuse, including navigating the court and legal system.

. Recover: How to help your child and family cope and heal from the
trauma of child sexual abuse, including activities and workbooks in
printed version to help facilitate the healing journey.

Please visit
or to access the free Hope & Healing


Lauren’s Kids
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