From a Personalized, Sterling Silver Egyptian Cartouche to a Glow-in-the-Dark T-Shirt That One Can Write On, Universal Screen Arts Has Searched the World to Find Thousands of Original Gifts for the 2016 Holiday Season

Buyers for Universal Screen Arts Gifting Brands: Signals, What on
Earth, and Catalog Classics Cross the Globe Every Year to Find
11,000 One-of-a-Kind products

HUDSON, Ohio–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Finding the perfect gift for a loved one can be tough. Stores and some
large online retailers can overwhelm the shopper with a dizzying array
of items that will be used by millions but won’t pack that personal

Screen Arts
Gifting Brands: Signals, What on Earth, and
Catalog Classics have crossed the globe to find 11,000
one-of-a-kind products that are both unusual and highly personal.

“The gifting business can be tough but we have found our niche by
replacing 60% of our product line each year and introducing about 11,000
new products annually, focusing on our upscale highly educated urban
female,” explains Ken Harris, Universal Screen Arts’ CEO.

“Our typical customer earns over $125,000 per year and 92% owns their
own home,” Harris adds. “We have very specific guidelines on what we
offer and our mantra is ‘thoughtful gifts for intelligent people.’”

is a catalog for fans and friends of public television. A percentage of
every purchase from Signals supports public television program
development. Typical customers express an interest in art, nature,
history, current events, drama, dance, science, and literature.

Items that reflect these interests include:

  • A stunning personalized Egyptian Cartouche.
  • Fine Art Socks, which replicate masterpieces such as Da Vinci’s “Mona
    Lisa,” Klimt’s “The Kiss,” and Monet’s “Water Lilies.”
  • Nessie the Loch Ness Monster Ladles.

on Earth
collection appeals to those with a sophisticated sense of humor and a
curious mind. The catalog’s buyers strive to introduce customers to
unusual and innovative products that are clever, quirky, and
interesting. All items include an element of surprise as in: “What on
Earth is that?”

Examples include:

  • An interactive Glow-in-the Dark T, which allows you to “draw” on the
    shirt, creating a glowing picture or phrase that lasts for ten minutes
    before fading. One can then create a new design.
  • A Pet Holder Hoodie – Transform yourself into a kangaroo! This cozy
    faux-fur-lined pouch pocket holds your small cat, dog, or other little
    pet. The hoodie has cute pointy ears and also features paw prints for
    the hands and thumb holes.
  • Star Wars Death Star Waffle Maker – Designed for fans of the original
    and rebooted Star Wars saga, this waffle maker creates waffles
    in the image of the Death Star. A collectible item, it features a
    regulating thermostat and dual indicator lights that tell you when the
    iron is hot and when your waffle is ready. A fun way to start the day
    for kids of all ages.
  • What on Earth has the exclusive rights to several Star Wars

offers a spirited collection of clothing and home décor that captures a
vivid and expressive lifestyle. Comfortable, affordable fashion and
accessories help the wearer create a sense of personal expression. This
is coupled with interesting, artistic décor to personalize a home with
individual style and imagination.

Unusual signature items include:

  • Wrist watches with a face that replicates a beautiful field of flowers.
  • “This is My Couch” Throw Pillow – Your dog may know how to stake a
    claim, but when did writing notes become a skill? This cushy, funny
    pillow has a removable 100% cotton cover.
  • Artisan-crafted, opalescent sterling silver earrings and a pendant.

Tunics are popular at Catalog Classics and come in a rainbow of
colors and a plethora of styles.

In addition to combing the world to find original items that are
manufactured exclusively for them, Universal creates products from
scratch and has them custom produced. Media giants such as Disney work
with Universal Screen Arts to create personalized versions of their
products and licensed exclusive designs.

All of Universal’s products are available on its brand websites and on

Photos of all products available upon request.

About Universal Screen Arts

Screen Arts
markets a wide range of exclusive and unique high quality consumer
products direct to the consumer via catalogs, websites, digital
marketing, and internet marketplaces. Universal’s collection of products
range from apparel, home decor, fine jewelry, footwear, books, and
accessories to health and beauty products. Universal’s portfolio of
exclusive brands include Signals, What on Earth, Catalog
, Bas Bleu, Support Plus, and Universal Direct Brands.
Universal distributes over 20 million emails to 17 million customers
annually. Universal was founded in 1983 by Jared Florian and is based in
Hudson, Ohio. Universal Screen Arts sells millions of T-shirts per year.


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