Fukushima Sake Takes the World by Storm! Release of YouTube Videos Conveying the Allure of Fukushima Sake and Pride of Its Brewmasters

‘Future from Fukushima’
— An information-sharing platform
that invites anyone in or outside the prefecture to participate and
interact —


FUKUSHIMA, Japan–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Under its slogan, “Future from Fukushima,” the governmental departments
of Fukushima Prefecture have been primarily using Facebook as their
information-sharing platform, providing a forum for anyone in or outside
the prefecture to participate and interact. Here, all government
departments collaborate to build a sense of unity in conveying the
‘Wonder’ and ‘Now’ of Fukushima to all, throughout the world.

Fukushima-produced sake favored as it earns “Champion Sake” at IWC

Fukushima-produced sake was awarded “Champion Sake” in the
sake category at IWC 2015 (International Wine Challenge 2015), an
international wine competition held annually in London to assess
excellence in wines. Sake from the Fukushima region has also been
awarded the Gold Prize in Japan’s “National New Sake Awards Ceremony”
for the 2014 Brewery Year. This marks a third consecutive year for
Fukushima sake to capture the award, giving them the distinction of
being the foremost sake in Japan. Already well-known in their home
country of Japan, sake from Fukushima has been capturing the attention
of people worldwide.
On January 15, 2016 the prefecture has
officially released YouTube videos brimming with the compelling appeal
of Fukushima’s world-renowned sake.
Sake brewmasters are relentless
in their efforts into creating sake with the resolve to offer people
“even better” and “even more exquisite” sake. The videos express the
traditions that such artisans have passed down from brewer to brewer,
their unremitting discipline, and how they face the challenge of
bringing their craft into the future. It is a video that should not be

Four different videos that tell the story from brewery floor to
securing their place as the world’s best sake

Best in the World Edition (30
at PRESENTING JAPAN, which was held in London England in October of
2015, this video introduces the sake of Fukushima, which is beginning to
make its mark worldwide. The video reveals the reaction of people
overseas getting their first taste of Fukushima sake as well as a
glimpse of the IWC awards ceremony.

Best in Japan Edition (30 sec.): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7HOoc6nZ44
video showcases young brewmasters in the prefecture whose future
endeavors hold high expectations, as well as locations such as the
Fukushima Technology Center’s Aizu Wakamatsu Technological Assistance
Center. With a special focus on the brewing artisans, this video
introduces people to the sake of Fukushima, the most highly acclaimed
sake in Japan.

Three Minute Edition – Japanese
scenes from both the “Best in Japan Edition” and “Best in the World
Edition,” this video adds interviews with four young brewmasters from
the prefecture as well as other content. Through their passionate words
and enthusiasm towards producing sake, the video conveys the pride of
sake brewmasters who dedicate efforts towards their craft on a daily

Three Minute Edition – English
video presents an English subtitled version of the Three Minute Edition
in order to allow English speakers around the world to also appreciate
the appeal of Fukushima’s sake as well as the hopes and pride of its


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