FUSION Announces Special Cross-Platform ‘FUSION Fights’ Content Initiative around Key Social Justice Issues

New Year-Long Effort Will Include Special Programming on FUSION
TV, Enterprise Reporting, and Special Events Around Gender,
Environmental, Economic Justice and Civil Rights Issues

‘FUSION Fights’ for Gender Justice Kicks off with Panel Discussion
at Davos and Continues with Special Coverage of the Women’s March on

MIAMI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–FUSION today announced the launch of ‘FUSION Fights,’ a new
cross-platform content initiative that seeks to elevate conversations
around social justice issues that impact young, diverse communities, and
often don’t receive the media coverage these issues merit. The
announcement was made at the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in
Davos (details below).

The effort builds on FUSION’s commitment to covering social justice
issues and will include the production of television, digital, and
social content that amplifies the diverse voices in America and the
issues that matter most to them. ‘FUSION Fights’ will also include
specific calls to action driven by FUSION’s RiseUp social impact unit.
‘FUSION Fights’ will initially focus on the following social justice

  • FUSION Fights for Gender Justice: This election cycle
    underscores the need to ensure more women have a strong and equitable
    voice in shaping our public and private institutions. This cycle
    highlighted the threats, veiled and unveiled, to women’s health and to
    the fundamental right to control our own bodies, as well as important
    subjects like equal pay, paid family leave, and sexual harassment.
    FUSION fights for these rights, and for the rights of all individuals,
    regardless of gender identity or sexual preference, to live with
    dignity, and with the security that all can afford to care for their
  • FUSION Fights for Economic Justice: Over the last few decades,
    the gap between the 1% and the rest of the country has grown
    exponentially. History has demonstrated again and again that nations
    with such great imbalance struggle to uphold their core democratic
    principles. As President Barack Obama said in his final address: “If
    every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working
    white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all
    shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw
    further into their private enclaves.” FUSION fights for basic economic
    opportunity for all Americans.
  • FUSION Fights for Civil Rights: The ‘millennial’ generation is
    the most diverse generation to come of age in our nation’s history and
    future generations will make the U.S. a majority-minority nation by
    2044. FUSION will fight for those championing diversity and
    inclusivity with coverage around issues of race, immigrant rights,
    islamophobia, and LGBT rights as well as issues of access and
    representation like voting rights and redistricting.
  • FUSION Fights for Environmental Justice: Quite simply, without
    a healthy earth, the rest of the fights will soon become irrelevant.
    Too often, though, traditional environmental movements and the media
    have overlooked the leadership and courage of young, multicultural
    Americans working to protect our basic, natural resources. FUSION
    fights for the voices who are working to protect our planet and shines
    a light on issues including water conservation and access to clean
    water, animal rights, protection of Native land and national parks,
    and climate change.

“With so much at stake as a transition of power happens in Washington,
FUSION will continue its wide-ranging coverage of social justice issues
by amplifying diverse voices and fighting for more substantive
conversations on several core issues. We want to spark more dialogue and
drive action that will help ensure we build a stronger democracy and
more just society for our country’s diverse youth,” said FUSION
Co-Presidents Daniel Eilemberg and Boris Gartner.

The ‘FUSION Fight’ for gender justice kicked off with a special panel on
gender roles at the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos and
will continue this month with coverage of the Women’s March on
Washington. Ongoing cross-platform coverage of gender justice will


  • ‘Disrupting the Status Quo of Gender Roles’ / January 18 in
    | FUSION TV and Univision will host a panel discussion,
    ‘Disrupting the Status Quo of Gender Roles,’ at the World Economic
    Forum’s Annual Meeting in Davos. While gender roles are shifting,
    women still face many barriers to fulfilling their potential. How can
    we challenge stereotypes and institutional inertia to achieve gender
    parity within our lifetimes? Enrique Acevedo, Univision news anchor
    and FUSION TV Special Correspondent, will moderate a discussion with:
    Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the International Monetary
    Fund (IMF); Isabel Saint Malo, Vice President of Panama; Cynthia
    Castro, Vice-President of Reinventing Business for All (RBA) in Costa
    Rica; Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, documentary filmmaker; and Robert E.
    Moritz, Global Chairman of PricewaterhouseCoopers International. The
    panel will be livestreamed on Facebook and FUSION.net.
  • ‘What to Do When You’re Expecting the Worst’ / January 19 in
    Washington DC
    | FUSION TV, Jezebel and Fusion.net team up to host
    a discussion on how the incoming Trump Administration and the new
    Congress will impact women’s rights in America. ‘What to Do When
    You’re Expecting the Worst’ will bring together women and men from the
    political sector, nonprofit world, and journalism community.
  • ‘The Return on Equality’ / January 19 in Davos | Enrique
    Acevedo, Univision news anchor and FUSION TV Special Correspondent,
    hosts a conversation ‘The Return on Equality’ featuring Michael
    Cole-Fontayn, Executive Vice President and Chairman of EMEA, BNY
    Mellon; Ambassador Elizabeth Cousens, Deputy CEO, UN Foundation;
    Vivian Riefberg, Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company; and Angela Sun,
    Head of Strategy and Corporate Development, Bloomberg L.P.


  • The Naked Truth: Women’s March on D.C. | FUSION’s Cleo Stiller
    reports from the Women’s March on Washington for a special report.
    Airs Sunday, January 22 @ 8PM on FUSION TV.
  • The Woman Card | FUSION’s Alicia Menendez takes a revealing,
    provocative look at the role gender played in the 2016 election and
    what takeaways will prove useful under the new Trump administration
    and Congress. Menendez talks to the women who will be shaping the
    conversation in the years ahead including Sen. Kamala Harris; Sen.
    Loretta Sanchez; Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY); and former Deputy
    Campaign Manager, Carly for President, Sarah Isgur Flores. Airs
    Sunday, January 22 @ 8:30PM on FUSION TV.
  • O Girls | Oprah Winfrey has changed the lives of hundreds of
    young women through her Leadership Academy for Girls in South Africa.
    Ten years later, FUSION’s Kimberly Brooks documents the personal
    journey of five girls from the inaugural class as they graduate
    college and interviews Oprah about the power education can have to
    empower young women across the globe. Airs Sunday, January 22 @ 9:30
    PM on FUSION TV.
  • Black Mamas Matter (tentative title) | In a new investigative
    documentary, produced by the Oscar and Emmy award-winning duo Simon
    Chinn (‘Man on Wire,’ ‘Searching for Sugar Man’) and Jonathan Chinn
    (‘American High’), FUSION’s Nelufar Hedayat examines the shocking
    number of women of color who are dying during, or soon after, giving
    birth — all in what is supposed to be the most developed country in
    the world. Airdate TBA.
  • No League of Their Own | The conversation surrounding
    transgender athletes has reached a fever pitch and FUSION seeks to
    explore the answer to the often asked question: do transgender
    athletes actually have a competitive advantage? Through professional
    voices and personal storytelling, the special report ‘No League of
    Their Own’ examines the debate through interviews with Caitlyn Jenner,
    1976 Olympic Gold Medalist and Transgender Advocate; Chris Mosier,
    Team USA Duathlete; Chloe Anderson Division II Collegiate Volleyball
    Player; Katrina Karkazis, Senior Research Scholar at the Stanford
    Center for Biomedical Ethics; among other experts. Airdate TBA.
  • Sex Right Now: Bridging the Orgasm Gap | FUSION’s Cleo Stiller
    takes an informative and entertaining look at: the plight of the
    sexually voracious woman and what that means for men, as well as life
    in the burgeoning industry of sex toys made by and designed by women,
    and why it’s practically illegal to say the word ‘vagina.’ This
    special is part of an ongoing that explores sex, society and
    technology in the new America. Airdate TBA.


  • Wired Women’ | A digital video series will put a spotlight on
    women and girls kicking-ass in tech, while making the world a little
    less messed up. The series will be featured across the digital
    properties of the Fusion Media Group including Fusion, Jezebel, and
  • Ongoing Enterprise Reporting | The editors and reporters from
    FUSION.net take a deep dive into into the impact of the incoming
    administration and the new Congress on women’s health.

Cross-platform content for the ‘FUSION Fights’’ for economic justice,
environmental justice, and civil rights will be announced in the coming


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