FX Creations Patented Ergonomic Backpack for Children

The Very First Bouncing Backpack in Hong Kong

HONG KONG–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The heavy backpacks that children carry around have been a nightmare for
worried parents and educators as they feel it could cause pain. There
have been many ergonomic backpacks in the market that protect a child’s
back, but they do not necessarily help in alleviating the feeling of
heaviness. FX
product engineer and design team have finally created the
third generation of the Anti
Gravity System™
(AGS™) product – an Ergonomic
Children Bouncing Backpack
. As the user walks, the backpack bounces,
thus stopping the straps from constantly pressing hard against the
user’s shoulders. This bouncing technology slows down the rate of muscle
fatigue, which makes the backpack feel lighter.

Space Walker Collection

, the patented Ergonomic
is made of nylon and polyester that imitates spacesuit
materials. There are two sizes available: a small size for grade one to
grade three students and a large size for grade four and up students.
The collection comes in six different colors: blue, pink, purple, dark
blue, space silver, and metallic orange.

AGS Ergonomic Children Backpack Features

  • Anti Gravity System

Ultrabounce is an extra-strength elastic cord used in Space Walker
backpacks. As the user walks, a bouncing reaction is created by the
elastic cord, making user feel less of the backpack’s load. The faster
the user walks, the bounce reaction intensifies, making the load feel
lighter. A test has shown that when using an AGS™
, the pressure is better distributed on the feet which
results in less energy being used when carrying an AGS™ backpack when
compared to a regular backpack.* The extra-strength elastic cord is also
capable of withstanding up to 150,000 mechanical pulls within 48 hours
without any distortion.
*Based on an internal test conducted at a
medical institute

  • Tri-breathe Back Support

The shoulder straps and the back paddings are made of Tri-breathe™
material which is highly breathable. The thick cushioning on the back
forms a ridge in the middle specifically for the spine so it does not
get pressed on. The ridge also provides ventilation which will help
maintain a pleasant temperature for the user.

  • Removable Hip Belt

The hip belt helps stabilize the load around the hip. It is made of
patented mesh material Tri-breathe™, which is shock absorbing and highly
breathable. The hip belt is also removable, giving users a much needed
flexibility for different occasions.

Patent and trademark number: 201610108348.1, 303262806, 303262789,
303354499, 303344480, 303354507, 303354462

About FX Creations

In 1993, a group of enthusiastic youth who were passionate in arts came
together to bring genesis to a series of creative designs in the
fast-paced city of Hong Kong. With their aim to “create
unconventionally”, they utilized their boundless imagination to create
novelty bags. FX
considers every idea and every life experience in their
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