GAEMS M155 is Back and Better Than Ever

New and improved monitor available now

performance gaming monitor is back, with improved features that
enhance the gaming experience.

The lightweight M155 is the perfect solution for gaming and
entertainment on the go, whether on the airplane or during long layovers
or hotel room stays. GAEMS
took the popular portable monitor and made it even better. The new M155
features include:

  • A 15.5” 720p E-LED display (1080p scaled)
  • Recessed ports and a single speaker on the back in addition to
    internal audio
  • A zippered Neoprene sleeve for added padding and protection
  • Hinged anti-slip rubber feet that pop out to support a 12 degree
    viewing angle
  • A 1/4” socket on the back of the monitor for compatible mounts, clamps
    and tripods

The M155 monitor and M155 Backpack Bundle are now in stock on
and at national retailers including Amazon
and GameStop
with a suggested price starting at $169.99.

“Whether you prefer to game on a console, a laptop or simply want a
second monitor for your PC or HDMI compatible devices, the M155 is a
portable monitor that promises to perform,” said Lacey Nef, Marketing
Manager for GAEMS.

The M155 weighs less than 2 pounds and has landed international
attention for its lightweight design, portability, versatile uses and
USB power. While loving the product, some questioned the ports on the
side and the lack of a speaker on the original version. GAEMS listened
and answered with the new recessed ports and speaker added to the back
of the monitor along with additional upgrades.

is an acronym for Gaming and Entertainment Mobile Systems, a U.S.
company created by gamers, for gamers. GAEMS is known for consistently
producing top quality products including the Vanguard,
M155 and M240
performance gaming monitors and other gaming accessories.

From college students and professional athletes to CEOs and troops
stationed around the globe, gamers enjoy the mobility, quality and
virtually lag-free competitive advantage of GAEMS.


Steve Clawson, 602-762-2030