Gardevant, the Solution for Online Credit Card Fraud

SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Gardevant Card is the latest biometric card offering a security
solution for online purchases for consumers.

Did you know that the financial services industry lost more than $3.2
billion dollars last year due to online credit card fraudulent charges?

While the security chip on the credit cards has helped lessen the number
of fraudulent charges when making purchases in person with the card
present, it has failed to protect consumers shopping online.

The Gardevant Card is the ultimate security solution for online
purchases, requiring a thumbprint authentication before any purchase. It
is a one-of-a-kind card that combines encryption and biometrics to
secure your data.

“Consumers face high risks when they make purchases online since there
is no authentication process set in place,” said Mr. Issac Daniel, CEO
of Gardevant. “But with our Gardevant Card, they are protected since
every online purchase must also be authenticated with their fingerprint.”

The Gardevant Card has officially made its debut at Money 20/20 at the
Sands Expo inside the Venetian in Las Vegas. There’s still time to come
see us in action at booth #2948 at Money 20/20 2016!

About Gardevant

The Gardevant Card is a patented, securely encrypted and multimodal
biometric card, which authenticates, verifies and protects Gardevant
card holders’ identities. You can use the Gardevant card to make secure


Angela S. Hwang,