Geoscape Launches 2016 Election Snapshot Series for Swing States

Online infographic resource provides campaign data points on key
constituencies such as Hispanic, Asian, African American, LGBT and
Religion Groups

the leading business intelligence company focused on new mainstream
consumers and businesses, today announced its launch of the 2016
Election Snapshot Series
, which will provide data points on key
voting blocks that will heavily influence the outcome of the primaries
and general election.

The changing demographics of the United States are poised to critically
impact the 2016 election. As the general population has shifted to
include additional new mainstream voters – those defined as Hispanic,
African American, Asian, millennial, LGBT and others – the ability of
both parties to recruit and rally these voters will play a key role in
determining the next president.

America’s new mainstream does not only impact the electorate, but the
candidates themselves. With a female Democratic frontrunner and two
Republican contenders of Hispanic heritage, expectations that new voters
will register and show up at the polls may be exceeded.

The Snapshot highlights information in the following categories:

  • Voting age population
  • Population by distinct age groups
  • Registered voters by party and ethnicity/race groups
  • LGBT population
  • Religious affiliation population
  • Business counts by industry and ethnicity/race
  • Consumer spending in key categories

The first Snapshot in the series is Florida, with the following
demographic highlights:

1. Of nearly 16 million Florida residents over the age of 18, about half
were registered to vote in the prior election
2. Of the nearly 8
million registered voters, nearly 1.2 million are Hispanic and nearly
400,000 are African American
3. Among Hispanic registered voters,
42 percent are Democrat, 30 percent are Republican, and 34 percent are
Independent or have not declared a party
4. During 2016,
approximately 250,000 Florida residents will turn voting age. Of these
potential voters, 31 percent are of Hispanic heritage
5. Florida
ranks number four in total number of adult LGBT population
Protestants are the largest religion population in Florida, followed by
Catholic, Jewish, Historically Black Churches and Muslim

All this data and more is available within the rich-text and graphical
2016 Election Snapshot Series, which will be produced for swing states,
including Florida, Arizona, New Mexico, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.
Visit Geoscape’s website at
to access and subscribe to the series.

About Geoscape:

Geoscape provides automated intelligence systems, unique data products,
research and analytic services for companies seeking to tap into the
growth of new mainstream consumers in North America and Europe. The
online Geoscape Intelligence System (GIS), the DirecTarget®
database enrichment system and a variety of geo-demographic, consumer,
business and media databases enable actionable insights that lead our
clients to gain significant business advantages. Geoscape is a privately
held company owned by NMS Capital and Cesar M Melgoza, Founder & CEO,
and is headquartered in Miami.


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