Geoscape Launches New Data Resource Helping Brands Find Fast-Growing Consumer Segments

American Marketscape DataStream is the only comprehensive data source
available for anyone trying to access New Mainstream consumers –
Hispanic, Asian, Black, Multicultural-Millennial, LGBT, and Religious

the leading business intelligence company focused on new mainstream
consumers and businesses, today announced its expanded data resource
designed to provide meaningful, actionable insights to support and guide
multicultural, millennial, religious affiliation and LGBT-focused

Marketscape DataStream™ (AMDS)
is a data resource that reflects an
increasingly diverse and complex American population, providing current
and forecasted demographic, economic and cultural data for hundreds of
brands nationwide, from the block and ZIP Code level to the entire
nation. Brands can access this data through an online platform that
makes rapid visualization and extraction quick and easy through mapping,
graphing, database queries and tabular reporting functions. This
ultimately helps businesses gain a greater understanding of their
current and prospective customer bases, helping quantify the business
opportunity and ultimately helping them achieve their growth goals.

The new data in AMDS makes it the most comprehensive source of
demographic data available, by offering the following population

  • Cultural: Comprehensive data on the Hispanic, Asian and African
    American populations, including all countries of origin, acculturation
    and language segments for Hispanics and Asians.
  • LGBT: Population counts for the increasingly important lesbian,
    gay, bisexual and transgender populations.
  • Religious preference: ReligionCoding capabilities help brands
    tune their offerings by location and special holiday seasons.
  • Workday Population: Determine the population of a geographic
    area during a normal work day, by cultural segment – essential for
    convenience stores, quick service restaurants and others.
  • Household spending: Access average, aggregate and indices on
    household spending, segmented by geography and ethnicity/race groups
    across more than four-hundred major spending categories.

“Geoscape has had an immediate impact, and the longer we’re using it,
the greater our return on investment becomes,” said Hal Gronfein, Vice
President of Marketing for the United States and Canada Diverse
Markets, MoneyGram.

“All corporations need growth to keep their shareholders happy,” said
Cesar Melgoza, CEO and Founder, Geoscape. “Growth in the U.S. emanates
increasingly from what we call new mainstream consumers. AMDS is
designed to bring that opportunity into focus in a manner that is
actionable and efficient.”

To learn more about how AMDS can provide new insights for your business,
visit the product
on for more information.

About Geoscape:

Geoscape provides automated intelligence systems, unique data products,
research and analytic services for companies seeking to tap into the
growth of new mainstream consumers in North America and Europe. The
online Geoscape Intelligence System (GIS), the DirecTarget® database
enrichment system and a variety of geo-demographic, consumer, business
and media databases enable actionable insights that lead our clients to
gain significant business advantages. Geoscape is a privately held
company owned by NMS Capital and Cesar M Melgoza, Founder & CEO, and is
headquartered in Miami.


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