Global Rescue 2017 Travel Safety Survey: Europe Emerges Amidst Persistent Concerns for Terrorism

84% travelers are at least “Somewhat concerned” about 2017 travel

, the leading provider of medical, security, evacuation and
travel risk management services to enterprises, governments and
individuals, today released results of the Global Rescue 2017 Travel
Safety Survey. The data reveals that a clear majority (84%) have
concerns for their safety for 2017 travel. Among participants expressing
some level of concern, more highlighted Europe compared to Africa and
the Middle East.

Top findings include:

  • Travelers have concerns, but are likely to travel anyway. Eighty-four
    percent (84%) of respondents are at least “Somewhat concerned”
    about travel safety in 2017, including 32% who say they are at least
    “Concerned” or “Very concerned.” One in four respondents (26%) say
    they are more concerned about travel safety in 2017 compared to 2016.
    However, despite these concerns, nearly all (96%) say it is either
    “Likely” or “Very likely” they will travel in 2017.
  • Concerns emerge about travel to Europe. Europe has emerged as a
    top-three destination in terms of concerns, along with Africa and the
    Middle East. Intensity of concern is significantly greater in the
    Middle East, though in terms of overall concerns, Europe leads the
    way. Among respondents who expressed some level of concern (i.e.
    “Somewhat concerned,” “Concerned,” or “Very concerned”), 75% pointed
    to Europe, followed by Africa (73%) and the Middle East (73%).
    However, intensity of concern is highest in the Middle East, with 45%
    “Very Concerned.”
  • Terrorism remains top of mind when it comes to travel threats in
    Terrorism ranks among the top perceived threat to
    respondents, with 55% ranking it as either first or second on a list
    of the greatest threats they see while traveling in 2017. Forty-four
    percent (44%) of respondents rated health/medical issues as a top-two
    threat, and 37% ranked crime as a top-two threat. Traffic accidents,
    the leading cause of death for US citizens abroad, was fourth, with
    23% rating it as a top-two threat. This highlights the incongruity
    between actual threats (measured by US citizen deaths overseas) and
    perceived threats. In other words, travelers appear most concerned
    about terrorism when in reality the odds are extremely low that they
    will actually be affected.

“The world is an increasingly unpredictable place,” said Global Rescue
CEO and founder Dan Richards. “The good news is that despite their
fears, most travelers are continuing to travel. It is more likely that a
car accident or a slip-and-fall will derail a vacation than a terrorist
attack, but as evidenced by recent terrorist activity in Europe and
other places historically considered “safe,” terrorism is a legitimate
safety concern.

Despite perceptions of risk from terrorism, it accounts for only about
3% of U.S. citizen deaths overseas, according to US Department of State
figures. According to the data, vehicle accidents (30%), homicides
(19%), and even suicides (14%) account for many more U.S. citizen deaths

The Global Rescue 2017 Travel Safety Survey was conducted December 28,
2016, through January 14, 2017. The study is based on a survey of 1,000
current and former Global Rescue members ages 25 to 70 or older, with
household incomes of $35,000 to $200,000 or more.

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