Glow Announces a New, Completely Personalized Eve, Along With Premium Services

The company also announces the milestones of four million users and
300,000 pregnancies

a data science company focused on women’s reproductive health and
education, announced today a completely personalized, new version of
Eve, an app that helps you manage your sex life, your cycle, and your
health. In addition, a full set of premium offerings are now available
on all four of Glow’s apps – Eve
by Glow
, Glow,
, and Glow

Eve helps women better understand their bodies and cycles so they can
make more informed decisions. The team at Glow has built out several
significant features, many inspired by user feedback, to make Eve even
better. So what’s totally unique to Eve?

  • Cyclescope: A horoscope for your cycle, Eve explains what’s
    happening with your body and moods each day of the month with curated
    GIFs to go along with your personalized scope.
  • Daily Sex Quiz: Alternating between fun (“What’s Your Sex
    Song?”) and informative (“How Much Do You Know About Women & Porn?”)
    topics, Eve’s daily sex quiz is aimed at helping you learn more about
    taboo topics related to sexual health (and then allows you to share
    with your friends!).
  • Logging: 45 logging options ranging from “sex drive status” and
    indulgences like sweets or salty snacks to tracking if anything is
    “off down there” – all captured in emojis for quick, fun tracking.
  • Personalized Insights: Unique, medically-backed information
    that is responsive to the information you log, like how your orgasm
    strength or bloating can correlate to your cycle time.

The new, upgraded premium version of Eve gives you access to Comparative
– what’s “normal” compared to other women with your same
cycle. Premium also unlocks the dynamic Fact or Fiction feature,
an interactive way to get the download on all those WTF sex Qs you were
afraid to ask; the ability to Private Message with others in the
Glow Community; Profile Customization in Glow Community; and
lastly, access to more Premium Content personalized to you.

More than any other company in the space, Glow is committed to
empowering women with the best information for taking control of their
health. As such, the company is happy to announce that over 4 million
women are now a part of the Glow community

The Glow app, which helps women naturally conceive, is also rolling out
premium services today, as well as announcing the milestone of 300,000
(that’s roughly the population of Iceland!). Glow
Premium will offer users:

  • Premium Content: Featuring hundreds of additional articles,
    from sources including″ rel=”nofollow”>How
    To Get Pregnant
    , in the app.
  • Comparative Insights: Which gives users the ability to see the
    information they’re logging and compare to information logged by the
    anonymized crowd.
  • Private Messaging: Letting users connect 1:1 with others in the
    Glow Community to connect and share their experiences.
  • Profile Customization: Allowing users to style their profile to
    reflect their personality.

“From launch, Glow has been focused on giving women more insight and
control over their reproductive health, and we’re proud to continue that
mission,” said Jennifer Tye, Head of US Operations and Vice President of
Partnerships & Marketing at Glow. “Women want to have the latest
information so that they can make the best decisions about their sex
lives – and later on when planning for a family. Taking advantage of
Glow’s premium services, like personalized insights and premium content,
makes information-gathering and decision-making easier for women.”

The premium versions of Eve and Glow are available in the App Store and
Play Store worldwide starting today.

About Glow

Founded by a team of technology veterans including Max Levchin,
co-founder of PayPal & CEO of Affirm, Glow is a San Francisco-based data
science company on a mission to redefine healthcare. The only company
supporting people from period to parenting, the original Glow app was
launched in August 2013, Glow Nurture in July 2014, Eve by Glow in July
2015 and Glow Baby in February 2016. Beyond the app offerings, the
company aims to advance scientific discoveries in the field of
reproductive health. More information about Glow is available at:


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