Gobiquity Secures $6M in Series B Funding and Achieves Over 100,000 Children Screened

Robust investment made to amplify and evolve the company’s flagship
innovation, GoCheck Kids™, enabling efficient detection and prevention
of permanent vision loss

a global leader in mobile vision screening technology, received a $6M
investment round from venture capital firm InterWest Partners in a first
close of its Series B financing. The venture capital firm’s increased
commitment will support the company’s commercial growth, specifically
its product development and global expansion.

In 2015, Gobiquity launched GoCheck Kids™, the world’s first and only
comprehensive mobile vision screener that combines photoscreening and
digital visual acuity in a single application. GoCheck Kids has garnered
exceptional momentum in the past year with over 2,000 US Pediatricians
implementing GoCheck Kids to identify risk factors for amblyopia—the
leading cause of permanent vision loss in children—including near- and
farsightedness as well as “lazy eye.”

This month, the company reports having achieved a significant milestone:
surpassing 100,000 screenings performed, and now averaging over 3,000
children screened per week, which represents over 300% annual growth.

“InterWest Partners continues to support our mission to enable early
detection and prevention of vision impairment through broad access to
specialized mobile technology,” said Andrew Burns, CEO of Gobiquity.

Recently updated screening guidelines offered by the American Academy of
Pediatrics (AAP) reinforced the need for early routine vision
screenings, including a full recommendation that instrument-based
photoscreening should begin as early as 1 year of age. “At Gobiquity, we
are committed to evolving our validated, portable and affordable mobile
screening portfolio to address both children and adults,” said Burns.

“Gobiquity is changing the standard of care through its innovative
mobile vision screening tools, which are already making a significant
positive impact on the awareness and treatment of serious eye disorders,
helping to prevent visual loss in even the youngest patients,” said Dr.
Gil Kliman, Managing Director at InterWest Partners.

August is Amblyopia Awareness Month and also marks the release of the
company’s newest iPhone application for health care providers. This
release will accelerate distribution and lay the foundation to extend
the product to caregivers. “We are excited about this release because it
provides us with more opportunities to detect and prevent vision
impairment for a market of more than 285M people who suffer from vision
impairment, of which 80% (World Health Organization, 2014) is treatable
if identified early,” indicated Burns.

Health professionals can download the GoCheck Kids iPhone app on the
Apple App Store or visit www.gobiquity.com
to learn more.

About Gobiquity Mobile Health

Gobiquity Mobile Health provides innovative mobile applications that
bring specialty screening tools to providers and caregivers.
flagship mobile application, GoCheck Kids™, is a comprehensive vision
screening solution. Gobiquity is committed to expanding its portfolio of
pediatric vision technology to adult primary care in order to reach a
broader audience of healthcare stakeholders – establishing Gobiquity as
the ubiquitous vision solution for the healthcare industry. (
| www.gocheckkids.com).

About Interwest Partners

InterWest Partners invests in some of the world’s most promising
early stage IT and healthcare businesses. For over 37 years, InterWest
Partners has partnered with entrepreneurs to build winning companies.
With more than 200 years of operating and investing experience,
InterWest has raised $2.8 billion, completed 85 IPOs, and participated
in over 80 upside acquisitions. InterWest is currently investing in
InterWest X, a $650M fund.


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