GoGuardian® Customizes Digital Learning Environments

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#chromebooks–GoGuardian®, a leading provider of Chromebook management solutions for
K-12 schools, introduces a new way for teachers to personalize their
students’ Digital Learning Environment. Educators implementing 1:1
programs, shared carts, and flipped classrooms have long needed a way to
have greater control over and insight into their classrooms.
GoGuardian’s new
Scenes feature
—part of the GoGuardian
™ classroom management solution—was developed to meet these
needs and surpass teacher expectations of their technology programs.

The most-requested GoGuardian Teacher feature, Scenes allows teachers to
create custom environments that fit the specific needs of their
classroom, while setting consistent, proactive parameters around
students’ access to content online. Tristine Wenker, an 8th grade
teacher in California’s Oak Park USD, said, “Scenes has made my online
assessments so much easier to manage. I can lock my students into their
assessment, [without being] locked to my desk/screen, and I can wander
around helping those who need it.”

Educators can develop specific settings for custom learning in “Lesson
Plan” mode, which will open tabs for multiple students. This ensures
that students can only access content relevant to their assignments, and
gives teachers more opportunity to help students instead of monitoring
online activity. Teachers can also save their Scenes, and apply them to
any current or future classroom session.

Stephanie Williams, Instructional Technology Facilitator at Espy
Elementary in Missouri’s Nixa Public School System, said, “As with the
other GoGuardian tools, Scenes fulfills a digital safety and monitoring
role in the classroom. But even more than that, being in an elementary
school, auto-opening a set of tabs lets little fingers spend more time
exploring and creating with digital resources and less time trying to
spell a URL just right or pick the correct site off a bookmarks list.
Also, by having control over allowed or blocked sites, as well as the
number of open tabs, I can facilitate more focused and effective
research and creation opportunities.”

Nickelle Presley, GoGuardian Teacher’s Product Manager, noted that
teachers “knocked our door down asking for an easier way to set clear
expectations for internet use in the classroom. With Scenes, they can
keep everyone on the same page.”

Scenes provides teachers with improved control over the content
accessible on students’ Chromebooks. They can create, modify, save and
switch between individual Scenes at any time, while spending less time
monitoring student activity. Scenes is the solution for modern classroom
management and fully customizable Digital Learning Environments.

About GoGuardian

Based in Los Angeles, California, GoGuardian
offers education software that keeps students safer online, makes
teaching easier, while providing greater control over and insight into
school technology. With GoGuardian, educators can create customized
Digital Learning Environments—both on and off-campus. Built exclusively
for Chrome, GoGuardian syncs with all Google Classroom and G-Suite for
Education tools, and is easy to implement and operate across any sized
school district.


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