Grab Her by the Brain Movement Launches to Promote Gender Equality

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Elizabeth Ariosto, entrepreneur, activist and domestic violence survivor
is proud to announce the launch of the Grab Her by the Brain movement.

“As a domestic violence survivor, I’ve dedicated my entire life to
advocating for women’s rights, and I am deeply saddened by the way
certain members of our society value women in both the workplace and at
home,” says, Elizabeth Ariosto, founder, Grab
Her by the Brain
. “Intentionally provocative in nature, Grab
Her by the Brain
was designed to serve as a timely metaphor to
promote gender equality by using satire to help influence healthy public
debate following Mr. Trump’s derogatory remarks about women.
Undoubtedly, our slogan is being used to protest his lewd comments and
propel the nation to join in demanding cultural change. My hope is that
this campaign will bring every woman closer to achieving their greatest
potential without the fear of being objectified or disempowered based on
their physical appearance, but instead admired for their intelligence.”

Grab Her by the Brain imprinted
are offered for sale online in the hopes that men and women
will wear them proudly, demonstrating support and acknowledging the
valuable contributions made by women. The campaign mission is to
encourage the nation to make necessary changes today to improve the
outlook for generations to come. A percentage of the proceeds will be
contributed to charities like Boo2Bullying,
a school program designed to combat bullying to allow our children to
inherit a more accepting society, flush with greater opportunity.

“The campaign is taking a phrase that has been all over social media in
a negative way and using it to create a dialogue towards positivity and
equality,” adds Ariosto.

*Grab Her by the Brain is not a political activist organization,
and this campaign, although triggered by the comments of a presidential
candidate, wishes to remain what it truly is, a women’s empowerment


For Grab Her by the Brain
Emily Gardner, 646-964-4446