Gryphon House Releases Nurturing Next-Generation Innovators

LEWISVILLE, N.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#activities–Young children need a broad view of the world to better work with others
and achieve academic success, which means being able to see many
perspectives, listen to others, and share their own ideas and
perceptions. In the new book, Nurturing
Next-Generation Innovators: Open-Ended Activities to Support Global
, author Ellen
Booth Church
uses unique activities to prepare children to be global

The book is full of strategies developed from Church’s
more than 40 years’ experience in early childhood education, using
illustrative activities that help children notice and identify what all
people have in common and challenging them to accept and appreciate
differences. Teachers can use the activities to nurture a growth mindset
through hands-on explorations.

Next-Generation Innovators
is divided into four major themes
that walk children through increasing understandings of themselves,
others, and the world we all share. Literacy, math, science, motor
skills, and social skills are woven into each theme.

“The goal of this book is to provide teachers with creative hands-on
discussions and activities for developing children who are thinkers,
communicators, and collaborators,” Church
said. “Children who are prepared to deal with the world of work and
education need to be able to take a broader view, seeing and hearing
many viewpoints and perspectives.”

Next-Generation Innovators
will be widely available Nov. 1,
2016. It is available now for pre-order. To request a free excerpt or
e-galley copy, contact

ISBN 978-0-87659-668-5; 160 pp.; PB; $16.95.

About the Author

Booth Church
, a former associate professor of early childhood at
SUNY Farmingdale, has shared her unusual approach of combining cognitive
learning experiences with creative play in a variety of books,
magazines, and articles for early childhood educators. Church is
currently an adjunct professor of early childhood at Nova Southeastern
University and is developing preschools in India and Nepal as well as
presenting keynotes at conferences around the world.

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