GUYZ is the App for Gay Men That is about More Than Just the Daily Grind

GUYZ Launches A New Platform To Show Shallow Swipe Culture That
There’s More To Life Than Hot Or Not

is a new, free social platform and mobile app for gay and bi men that
reimagines the way gay men communicate online. As the world has largely
caught up to gay life, gay-focused apps have not. With GUYZ, gay men can
be who they naturally are, without needing to conform to the usual rules
of the “meat market”.

Swipe culture has created a generation of apps that encourage
shallowness, rudeness, and in-authenticity. In short, people at their
worst. GUYZ is reframing the discussion and encouraging in-app behavior
that facilitates real-life, honest behavior, from hookups to hobbies
whether you are looking for Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now.

GUYZ begins where other social, messaging, and dating apps end with a
depth and breadth of rich features that have never before been co-opted
into a single app including:

Widest Range of Messaging Tools:

  • Text, voice, and video chat to connect with people. Share images,
    audio files, and videos with friends or groups.
  • Discover friends and make new ones; create groups to share, debate,
    and discuss the things that matter.

State of the Art Messaging Features

  • Recall any message you regret sending – text, audio files, or videos.
  • Two-way validation so that other users know who’s real.
  • Sparks – original, animations that can act as ice-breakers or cheeky
    punctuation to a conversation.

Distinct and Creative Profiles:

  • A profile that lets people know who users really are, and what
    they really care about. GUYZ provides the tools to show some
    depth to their character, beyond a single photo.
  • Multiple profile pictures encourage users to show more than one side
    of themselves. On GUYZ, guys can be more than a single selfie.


  • For the first time ever, users can create or join an activity within
    the application instead of just talking about it. Activities in
    GUYZ represent a unique and never before seen capability in any social
    app. The activity can be one-on-one, group, a one-off or recurring,
    and shared with your friends or those around you. Activities are for
    when you want to share dinner with friends, visit a museum with
    someone you just met, or party hard with your new hot neighbor.


  • GUYZ maintains a calendar of key events. Guys can discover who else is
    going, chat with them and make plans to meet up ahead of time. GUYZ
    enables users to manage the whole events cycle from scheduling with
    friends and potential friends to go to an event together, to uploading
    your experiences while you are at the event, and remembering all the
    special moments.


  • Capture a stream of perfect images to share with your friends and
    followers. Every Moment is a memory worth keeping. GUYZ allows you to
    organize all the special moments in your life – a great way to help
    new friends get to know the real you.


  • GUYZ will hold fun competitions on a regular basis to celebrate and
    express the joyful moments you experience in your life. Competitions
    come with real prizes and the only way to win is with the help of all
    your friends, both old and new.

Douglas Richter, spokesperson for GUYZ said, “As gay men, we felt a lack
of authenticity in apps aimed at us. Too many of them rely on nothing
but an instant attraction to an unrealistic photo. There’s nothing wrong
with any of that, unless that’s all there is. GUYZ treats people like
people, not just lumps of meat. GUYZ can help you plan your Friday
night, but it can also help you find someone to share Saturday brunch or
Sunday afternoon in the park.”

GUYZ brings every aspect of your social life together in a single app.
All you need is GUYZ.
Download it now for iOS and Android.

About GUYZ:
GUYZ is created by Matech, the company that
produced Whiplr. GUYZ is a new, free social platform and mobile app for
gay and bi men that reimagines the way gay men communicate online.


Company Media Contact:
Jonah Balfour, +972 54-6175584 (Cell)
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