Harte Hanks Introduces Total Customer Discovery for Smarter Customer Interactions

— New Solution Provides Holistic Profile of Customers Across
Channels and Devices, Helping Brands Increase Acquisition, Retention and

(NYSE: HHS), a leader in developing customer relationships,
experiences and defining interaction led marketing, today announced
Total Customer Discovery, a first-of-its-kind solution that enables
360-degree profiles of target customers across multiple online and
offline channels. Through the integration of smarter data and
sophisticated insights, the Total Customer Discovery solution provides a
richer customer view, enabling the delivery of an enhanced customer
experience and increasing customer satisfaction and sales.

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In an era where marketing channels continue to multiple, many marketers
today struggle with irrelevant and disconnected customer profile
content. Total Customer Discovery solves this challenge by tracking and
aggregating customer behavior and preferences across channels and
devices over time, and consolidating them to deliver a complete view of
the customer.

“Total Customer Discovery is the first holistic solution to transform a
customer from an anonymous entity to a known persona, tracking behavior
across multiple websites, devices and online/offline channels,” said
Sean Iannuzzi, Head of Technology for Customer Engagement, Harte Hanks.
“Harte Hanks has a long-standing legacy of leveraging data and insights
to better understand customers, and Total Customer Discovery will help
our customers take their marketing and sales to the next level.”

The Total Customer Discovery solution redefines customer identification
and profiling with the following features:

  • Profile customers’ digital footprint across their entire journey
  • Identify customer interactions across multiple devices
  • Append customers and behaviors across social networks
  • Retarget customers online by leveraging offline data

The Total Customer Discovery solution enables companies to better
understand who their customers are and what they do online and offline
and gain insights into relevant behaviors and interests. With these
insights, brands can interact with customers in highly personal and
meaningful ways, and create marketing programs that drive smarter
customer interactions, optimizing their campaigns in real-time as
insights are gathered.

Developed primarily for the business-to-consumer and consumer goods
markets, Total Customer Discovery is relevant for any brand that is
eager to understand and leverage their individual customers’ usage
habits and preferences over time. Total Customer Discovery enables
smarter customer interactions for a better overall customer experience,
leading to stronger marketing ROI and increased sales.

For more information on Harte Hanks’ Total Customer Discovery solution,
please visit www.hartehanks.com/TCD.

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