HealthEquity’s New Balance Booster Helps Defuse Common High Deductible Fears

DRAPER, Utah–(BUSINESS WIRE)–HealthEquity, Inc. (NASDAQ: HQY), a leading health savings account (HSA)
provider, is pleased to launch Balance Booster™. This new feature,
available to employers offering HealthEquity HSAs, provides members
advance access to funds. Account holders with access to this feature no
longer have to worry about incurring medical costs early in the year
before their HSA balance has grown.

“For years, flexible spending accounts were attractive because the total
annual funding was made available up front,” stated Brad Bennion,
HealthEquity senior vice president of product. “With HealthEquity’s
Balance Booster, an HSA can now provide a similar benefit but with the
added advantage of being a long-term savings account. There is no
use-it-or-lose-it limitation.”

Paired with a high deductible health plan, an HSA provides an
unparalleled opportunity for triple tax benefits and lower insurance
premiums. However, consumers have traditionally feared the high
deductible paired with the requirement to grow their HSA balance before
they can pay for expenses. HealthEquity’s Balance Booster allows
employers to make funds available on ‘day one’ for immediate access to
account holders when they need them.

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About HealthEquity

Founded in 2002, HealthEquity is one of the nation’s largest dedicated
health savings custodians. The company’s innovative technology platform
and tax-advantaged accounts help members build health savings, while
controlling health care costs. HealthEquity services more than 2.3
million health savings accounts for 80 health plan partners and
employees at more than 33,000 companies across the United States.


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