HealthValues Launches First-of-its-Kind Bundled Health Care Package

Membership includes supplemental insurance and medical benefits to
help lower overall health care costs, improving performance of insurance

launched the first-of-its-kind bundled health care package that helps
individuals reduce common medical expenses while having access to cash
when an unexpected accident or illness strikes. The company’s offerings
are a new category in health care; the first solution to help consumers
at the intersection of health care and health insurance get more value
from their insurance and find better, more affordable care.

By joining
, a member receives supplemental accident and critical
illness insurance coverage along with discounted or free health care
services. Additional benefits include: Unlimited doctor consultations,
discount pricing on imaging services and surgeries, fair price and
quality score ratings for medical procedures, a 24/7 patient advocacy
program and access to health advocates who can address medical bill
negotiation, health insurance questions and more.

“HealthValues improves the performance of individual health insurance
coverage. Just like high octane gasoline increases performance and miles
per gallon of your car, membership in HealthValues helps you get more
out of your medical care and high deductible insurance plan,” said Jeff
Smedsrud, the founder of HealthValues.

Smedsrud, a health care entrepreneur who has helped launch several
successful health insurance companies, believes the HealthValues package
can serve as a practical, money-saving tool for consumers who want to
lower their health care costs while improving outcomes.

“Doctor visits are a perfect example of a health care savings
opportunity. On average people have 3.9 office visits per year,
according to the U.S. Census Bureau. If they choose to use the
technology-enabled tools at HealthValues for routine consultations
instead of a traditional office visit they would save hundreds of
dollars a year. By being wiser about this and other routine health care
choices, compounded over a lifetime, a consumer could pay for college
funding, a richer retirement or the down payment on a home,” said

As health care costs continue to rise, more and more people are feeling
overwhelmed by the amount they have to pay out-of-pocket for medical
bills before their health insurance kicks in. They don’t have the tools
to make informed decisions, Smedsrud said, and are often unaware of the
range of available choices. HealthValues helps its members add
protection from unexpected accidents or illnesses, and improve cost
transparency for everyday occurrences, like needing to see a doctor or
getting an MRI.

“Health care costs are the elephant in the room. It costs too much and
robs consumers from investing in their retirement or their children’s
education. HealthValues helps shrink the cost, and improve the value of
what consumers spend,” said Smedsrud.

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About HealthValues

Launched in 2016, HealthValues is the first online Christian community
to help consumers at the intersection of health care and health
insurance with money-saving supplemental insurance and health care
benefits. Membership benefits start at $29.99 each month and include a
10-day free-look period. To find out more visit


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