Home Is in the Heartland for Millennial Homebuyers

Minneapolis, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Detroit and Chicago Are Most
Popular Cities for Home Purchases

prices continued to rise
across the country, more Millennial
homebuyers eyed cities in the American heartland where prices remain
comparatively more affordable, according to data in the October Ellie
Mae Millennial Tracker™
. Minneapolis topped the list as the most
popular metropolitan area for homes purchased by Millennial buyers (44
percent), followed closely by Philadelphia (43 percent), St. Louis (42
percent), Chicago (40 percent) and Detroit (40 percent). Two states,
Florida and California, laid claim to the least popular cities for this
new generation of homeowners: Miami (27 percent), Los Angeles (29
percent), San Francisco (30 percent), San Diego (30 percent) and
Tampa-St. Petersburg (30 percent).

Slightly more than half of the Millennial borrowers who purchased a home
were single (51 percent) compared to slightly less than half (49
percent) who were married. The average age of a homebuyer was 28.7 years
old and men were much more likely to be listed as the primary borrower
(64 percent) than women (33 percent). The average FICO score for
Millennial borrowers was 722 and they opted to take out conventional
loans (57 percent) more than FHA (40 percent), VA (1 percent) or
unspecified financing options (1 percent) to purchase a home. The
average loan amount for purchases was $182,498.

“As housing prices continue to rebound, Millennials are increasingly
representing a higher percentage of homeowners in the middle of the
country, where they can get more home for their money,” said Joe
Tyrrell, executive vice president of corporate strategy at Ellie Mae.
“The average appraised value of homes purchased by this new generation
of buyers was $223,153 in October, a modest increase from $221,383 in
September, but nearly a five percent increase from when it was $212,939
in June.”

Other notable findings from the October Ellie Mae Millennial Tracker

  • Purchases represented 77 percent of closed loans to millennials, down
    from 80 percent in September
  • Refinances made up 22 percent of all closed loans to millennials in
    October, up from 20 percent in September
  • The share of both conventional and FHA loans remained flat, making up
    64 percent and 33 percent of all closed loans, respectively
  • Across all loans, the average debt-to-income ratio (DTI) decreased to
    23/36, down from 24/36 in September, while loan-to-value (LTV)
    remained stable at 87
  • Average days to close for millennials held steady at 47 overall, with
    46 days for conventional loans and 47 for FHA loans
  • On average, it took millennial borrowers 49 days to close refinances
    and 45 days to close purchases
  • The average amount for closed loans to millennial borrowers was
    $184,733 in October, a slight increase from an average of $184,179 the
    month prior
  • The average loan amount for conventional loans made to millennials,
    $204,059, was essentially flat compared to $203,780 in September
  • The average FHA loan amount received by millennial borrowers increased
    to $175,094, up from $174,015 in September

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that were initiated on Ellie
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. Given the
size of this sample and Ellie Mae’s market share, it is a strong proxy
of millennial mortgage indicators across the country. Searches can be
tailored by borrower geography, age, gender, marital status, FICO score
and amortization type.

For more information, visit http://elliemae.com/millennial-tracker.

About the Ellie Mae Millennial Tracker

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as applicants born between the years 1980 and 1999. New data is updated
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