Howe Prepared to Brief President-Elect Trump on Federal Crimes Against Children, Creditors

SubscriberWise founder David E. Howe primed to educate Mr. Trump on
the complexities of federal SSN fraud, federal application fraud, and
felony child identity theft

WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Cable–SubscriberWise, the nation’s largest issuing CRA for the communications
industry and the leading provider of big
data, advanced-analytics, and business-rules technology
, announced
today that the company
founder and national child protector
has prepared a presentation for
President-elect Donald Trump detailing the staggeringly underreported
crime of child identity theft.

“I just wrapped up another child identity theft case involving a young
12-year-old victim,” confirmed David Howe, SubscriberWise founder and
CEO. “The child in this latest case was first exploited when he was just
3-years-old. And what’s more outrageous from the standpoint of
victimization, it wasn’t until the child’s identity turned up again in
2016 – in two separate crimes that occurred at MCTV
and CenturyLink
– that SubscriberWise
was finally able to put the brakes on the predatory behavior that
spanned nearly the entirety of the child’s young life.

“The good news is that we were able to provide law enforcement
professionals a mountain of evidence so compelling and so overwhelming
that the case promptly resulted in a criminal complaint filed against
the parent-suspect. It’s now in the hands of the State of Ohio.

“The bad news is that hundreds of children are victimized every day in
this country and there’s absolutely no end in sight because of technology
at the federal level and because of the establishment’s
remarkable culpability
for the suffering and despair that haunts the
victims forever.

“However, on a positive foot-note related to the 12-year-old victim’s
case, SubscriberWise can unequivocally confirm that the fraudulent
credit file is now suppressed at TransUnion; Equifax and Experian have
been alerted with details of the breach.

“Regrettably, file suppression is very rare and child victims are often
exploited over and over because of technology gaps at the federal
level,” Howe added.

“Moreover, there’s almost never an advocate for the child-victim since
the overwhelming majority of police and prosecutors will never confront
a single instance of child identity theft during the duration of their
professional career. And that’s because the victims are voiceless
children — and because the perpetrators are almost always a parent.

“And even if there is an advocate, the child would potentially be
re-victimized by having to testify against their parent or guardian,”
Howe lamented. “This is justification for the federal government to do
its job and protect our children.

“So today I’m again making an urgent public
plea for Mr. Trump
to meet for the bipartisan objective of
protecting our children during his first 100 days,” continued Howe.

“The presentation I’ve prepared for the President-elect includes
substantial criminal evidence from this latest child theft,”
acknowledged Howe. “I also intend to provide Mr. Trump sensitive
information involving the national credit systems, which will include
detailed information explaining the automated underwriting systems that
currently enable children to be exploited with virtually
no detection
or red

“Yes, I
have specific solutions for the President-elect
that I know will
dramatically mitigate this national crisis. And I’m convinced that Mr.
Trump will act decisively to implement these solutions during his first
100 days.

“I can’t wait for action,” concluded the credit
. “I know the innocent children can’t wait either.”

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