ICON Corp. Toy Robot to Teach Programming to Infants and Toddlers

TOKYO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–On April 20th, 2017 (Thu.) ICON Corp. will begin a crowdfunding campaign
for KUMIITA, an educational toy designed for 0 to 3 year olds to teach
them the concepts of programming.

Kickstarter project page at https://goo.gl/MLkbjM.

By providing a language-less and hands-on experience in the form of a
puzzle game, children will be accustomed to programming from a young
age. KUMIITA cultivates the basic thinking patterns and logic behind
programming in children by allowing them to physically assemble command
panels and see how the resulting programs are executed – and why they
fail at times, as well. Failed programs can also be fixed by rearranging
the panels in various ways, allowing children to figure out new
solutions for themselves.

KUMIITA is played by placing down panels which the robot will roll over,
following its path ahead. The robot scans each panel and executes
different commands to change its color or direction, play a musical
instrument, or make animal sounds.

The ICON Outlook
Through cultivating a rich culture of
product development that has led us to solutions for searchable,
encryption protected data systems, ICON Corp. will soon reach the 20th
anniversary of our founding. The KUMIITA project represents a confluence
of technical expertise and free thinking to realize the development,
introduction, and furthering of new ideas under the banner of
“well-being through technology” that we have strived for since our

To realize a prosperous future through technology, we have taken a
stance of total integration, to include not only our programming
software, but hardware products and services. And now we are venturing
to build opportunities for children so that they may enjoy programming
in the effort to accelerate the creation of new ideas, and value that
will ultimately carry the future forward.

KUMIITA on Kickstarter
The Kickstarter campaign will run
from April 20th through May 20th with a project funding goal of $30,000.
For full details concerning the campaign including pledge rewards,
please see our project page at https://goo.gl/MLkbjM.

Press Kit: https://goo.gl/O3sF12


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