Inova Translational Medicine Institute Partners with Translational Software on MediMap™, an Optional Newborn Pharmacogenomic Test at Inova Women’s Hospital

PGx platform delivers clinical decision support and actionable
guidance for safe, effective care

BELLEVUE, Wash.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Translational
Software®, Inc
. (TSI), a leader in the intelligent use of genetic
data for clinical decision support and precision medicine, today
announced a 12-month pilot with Inova Translational Medicine Institute
(ITMI), a research institute developing innovative methods for
personalized healthcare. Use of TSI’s pharmacogenomics (PGx) knowledge
base and PGx platform will enable Inova to integrate genomic information
at the point of birth to personalize patient treatment and improve
health outcomes.

Launched in February 2016, Inova now offers an optional one-time
pharmacogenomic test called MediMap for babies born at the
new Inova
Women’s Hospital
, located on the Inova Fairfax Medical Campus. The
optional MediMap test evaluates seven actionable genes associated with
more than 21 drugs to determine how a baby will uniquely respond to
certain prescription medications, including effectiveness and adverse

TSI’s proprietary knowledge
is being used to classify and interpret raw genetic data
from the MediMap test to generate a tailored, clinically meaningful
report for each newborn with concise molecular intelligence and critical
alerts regarding drug efficacy, toxicity, and known interactions to
guide clinical decision making and enable physicians to prescribe the
safest, most effective medications.

“Having an advance understanding of a newborn’s genetic makeup and
response to commonly prescribed medications gives our physicians and
community a tool to help personalize treatments for life,” stated Benjamin
, MD, Chief, Division of Medical Genomics at ITMI. “We are
excited to partner with Translational Software to help Inova stay at the
cutting edge of molecular diagnostics and practice genomic medicine in
real time. This partnership is a key milestone in Inova’s ongoing
mission to be a global leader in personalized medicine by integrating
genomic research into patient-centered care.”

Results and reports from the MediMap test are stored in Inova’s
electronic health record system, as well as in Inova’s patient portal,
called MyChart.

, CEO of Translational Software, stated, “We are incredibly
proud to be working with a visionary organization like ITMI to inform
and assist their physicians and patients in the interpretation and use
of PGx information. Pharmacogenomic testing at birth offers an immediate
opportunity to put precision medicine into practice that grows in value
throughout the patient’s lifetime to guide effective treatment.”

About Inova Translational Medicine Institute

The Inova Translational Medicine Institute (ITMI) is a not-for-profit
research institute delving into the genomics component of personalized
medicine. ITMI utilizes genomic and clinical information from patients
to develop innovative methods for personalized patient care. Pilot
studies at the Institute have generated a large genomic and clinical
data set that can be used as pilot data in a variety of fields, from
computational biology to psychology as well as more obvious biomedical
research applications. ITMI’s goal is to utilize information from its
pilot studies to better understand and predict the onset of disease,
leading to the implementation of preventive medicine based on the unique
genomics of the individual patient.

About Translational Software, Inc.

Translational Software provides end-to-end solutions to support
laboratories and healthcare providers adopting personalized medicine.
Its powerful PGx portal transforms genomic and molecular data into
actionable knowledge, integrating the best available clinical decision
support with laboratory and clinical information systems to guide
therapeutic options for medication management to enhance patient care.
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