INTECH to Provide Prairie Cloudware Platform to Credit Union Clients

Digital Payments Guardian™ gives credit union members a digital
payment solution through Android mobile wallet

, an innovator in digital payments services, today
announced that INTECH
has licensed its Digital
Payments Guardian
. The solution will enable INTECH’s credit unions
to provide its members with the ability to simply and securely use their
Android mobile devices to purchase goods and services in stores.

The Digital
Payments Guardian
gives financial institutions the ability to
deliver secure, convenient, consumer controlled, digital payment
services to customers through their existing digital banking channels.
The solution uses the existing payment infrastructure, leverages the
trust related to payments that consumers already place in the credit
unions and positions those institutions to directly control the payments
relationships they have with members.

INTECH will white label the Prairie Cloudware technology allowing credit
unions to offer members a mobile wallet that carries the institution’s
brand. The initial deployment of the Digital Payments Guardian for
INTECH will offer an Android mobile wallet with a Visa card. The
solution can be extended to include additional payment cards and sources
as well. The move into the mobile wallet space supports INTECH’s mission
of delivering a wide range of innovative technologies to its credit
union clients that attracts, retains and deepens relationships with
their members.

“This is an exciting time in the payments industry, as payment methods
are evolving to match consumers’ increasing digital lifestyle,” said Tim
Erwin, president of INTECH. “Through Prairie Cloudware’s Digital
Payments Guardian, our credit unions will be able to provide their
members with a seamless mobile wallet that delivers a simple ‘tap and
pay’ experience across 700,000 point of sale sites nationwide. This not
only facilitates a better member experience, but also enables the credit
unions to have control over the process and data associated with the
member’s payment practices.”

“Consumers want to put their money in a protected place they can trust,”
said Doug Parr, chief revenue officer of Prairie Cloudware. “That’s why
for digital payments to be adopted broadly, it is imperative that
financial institutions play a direct role in offering, delivering and
supporting the services required to sustain them. Through INTECH’s
adoption of the Digital
Payments Guardian
, their credit unions will have the opportunity to
offer members a level of confidence, accessibility and control over
their digital payment options that cannot be found with third-parties
operating outside the banking industry.”


INTECH provides core account processing services along with branch,
online and mobile banking support exclusively to their approximately 50
customers within the credit union sector. The organization targets
credit unions in the $250m in assets range and has credit union
customers all over the country including Nebraska, Texas and California.
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About Prairie Cloudware

Prairie Cloudware enables financial institutions to meet their
customers’ need for choice, convenience and security when purchasing
goods and services online or at the point of sale. Its Digital Payments
Guardian™ enables financial institutions to leverage their role as the
trusted provider of payments services for consumers while decreasing the
cost of fraud and improving their return on investment. The Digital
Payments Guardian is a cloud-based service that integrates with
financial institutions’ digital banking services to centralize and
secure consumer payment data. Visit
to learn more.


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