intelliBED® Creates the Ultimate Sleep Experience for New Luxury Resort Sentierre

Honeycomb-gel matrix design disrupts the mattress industry making
memory foam obsolete

SALT LAKE CITY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#sleep–intelliBED, exclusive manufacturer of intelli-Gel and the world’s most
advanced and disruptive sleep surface, today announced luxury resort
Sentierre has partnered with them for their flagship location in Padre
Canyon, Utah.

“Sentierre Resorts & Residences will deliver an uncompromising sleep
experience, and the best way to do that is by giving our guests the
opportunity to experience what sleeping on real gel can do for them,”
said Stan Castleton, founder, Sentierre. “After I made the switch to
intelliBED, I had a life changing experience. My back problems began to
resolve. I found my activity levels soared because I was truly achieving
restorative sleep. Now, thousands of guests have the ability to have an
intelliBED experience at Sentierre and will enjoy the most comfortable
and restorative sleep.”

IntelliBED is also available for anyone to enjoy in their homes by
ordering direct at:
or by calling one of their sleep consultants at 888-435-2339.

“Since the invention of memory foam in the late 1960’s, intelli-Gel is
the first true innovation in the sleep industry in the last 40 plus
years. Gel truly outperforms foam and memory foam on every front,
especially when it comes to relieving pressure points/tossing and
turning, toxicity, durability and ultimately comfort,” said Colin House,
CEO and Co-Founder, intelliBED. “Memory foam is obsolete, gel is the new
frontier in the mattress industry. The intelliBED sleep surface, which
uses 100 percent non-toxic intelli-Gel, delivers more hours of deep,
healing restorative sleep while avoiding the pitfalls of mold and
flame-retardant chemicals found in air and foam mattresses.”

The intelliBED Difference

intelliBED incorporates patented intelli-Gel, an advanced cushioning
material which does not compress or break-down over time like foam or
air mattresses.

  • intelli-Gel is an integral component of all intelliBED mattresses.
    With a honeycomb-gel matrix and a column buckling design, intelli-Gel
    was created to redistribute weight and reduce pressure points by up to
    80 percent compared to leading competitors. The design allows for
    superior body alignment with less tossing and turning.
  • intelli-Gel is made from non-toxic, BPA-free material similar to what
    is used in baby bottle nipples.
  • intelliBED does not off-gas and uses a fire retardant that is part of
    the material surrounding the mattress, which is not bio-available
    except in the case of fire.
  • intelliBED is designed to be durable throughout the 30-year warranty
    as compared with 10-year warranties from most other manufacturers.
  • intelliBED offers exceptional support and alignment and is recommended
    by over 1,000 chiropractors.
  • intelliBED is sold online, through its corporate and affiliate retail
    stores and through a network of more than 1,000 medical professionals
    who refer patients.
  • Intelli-Gel sleeps temperature neutral as compared to memory foam that
    traps and absorbs heat from the body.

About intelliBED

Founded in 2000, intelliBED is known as the world’s most advanced
mattress manufacturer. intelliBED’s patented next-generation Intelli-Gel
technology promotes the three keys to healthy sleep; good posture
support, pressure point relief and a healthy and safe sleep environment.
intelliBED’s products are made in the USA in their Salt Lake City
headquarters. For more information, visit

About Sentierre Hotels & Sanctuaries

Combining classic resort sophistication with a focus on overall
well-being, Sentierre is committed to delivering exceptional experiences
at luxury hotels and sanctuaries in an environment that focuses on
the enduring legacy of family and friends, natural sanctuary, and
economic sustainability. Sentierre hotels are designed for locations
that offer unique natural beauty and recreation with modern
sensibilities. Conceived by developer DDRM Companies and built on a
foundation of over 35 years of luxury hotel development and hotel
operations, the Sentierre brand caters to a new generation of luxury
travelers seeking family engagement, relaxation, recreation and
rejuvenation. Sentierre is building its portfolio to provide the
opportunity for guests to optimize personal well-being with a blend of
uncompromising comfort, extraordinary unpretentious service and a wide
range of creative cuisines at destination resorts. Plans for the brand
to expand include domestic and international locations. For more
information on Sentierre Hotels & Sanctuaries, please visit or call 435.429.7000. To explore residential
ownership, please visit the Sentierre Discovery Center at Ancestor
Square: 2 West St. George Blvd., St. George, Utah 84770; or phone


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