International Hydrofoil Society – 2017 Mandles Prize for Hydrofoil Excellence

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Hydrofoils are “wings under water” that substantially increase the
speed, maneuverability and stability of many boats, ships and other
watercraft by lifting them above the surface and waves through which
they might otherwise experience significant resistance, delay and

Founded in England in 1970 and based in the United States since 1980,
the International Hydrofoil Society (IHS) remains an all-volunteer,
not-for-profit society for hydrofoil enthusiasts worldwide who are
involved with or fascinated by commercial, recreational or military
hydrofoils of many sizes and types including, but not limited to,
speedboats, sail boats, race boats, water skis, search and rescue
vessels, patrol craft, passenger ferries, cabin cruisers, jetskis and
human-powered waterbikes.

Again in 2017, the IHS will award its annual Mandles Prize for Hydrofoil
Excellence in recognition of hydrofoil engineering, design or
construction achievement by college and university students. The $2,500
Prize and up to two $1,000 Honorable Mentions are awarded to winning
entries from individual students or groups of up to six students with
the signature of a faculty advisor endorsing each submission. Rules and
other details are accessible at the home page of the Web site of the
under “Mandles Prize.” Time is of the essence, so questions and
submissions should be addressed to

Previous recipients of the Prize and these Honorable Mentions attend or
attended the Australian Maritime College, Cedarville University,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Genoa, United
States Naval Academy, and Webb Institute.

The namesake and benefactors of these awards are Connie and Martinn
Mandles of Los Angeles, CA. In the early 1960s, Martinn was the first
co-pilot of Boeing’s only jet-powered hydrofoil research hydroplane, and
then of the Navy’s unique Boeing-built and operated high-speed research
hydrofoil, FRESH-1. After completing his engineering degree at Stanford
University, receiving his commission as a military officer and serving
in Vietnam, Martinn became the first captain of the Navy’s prototype
hydrofoil gunboat, the Boeing-built USS Tucumcari, in 1968. Thereafter,
he served as a career executive en route to becoming chairman of ABM
Industries Incorporated (NYSE:ABM), and as an independent trustee of
several large estates.


International Hydrofoil Society
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