Intertek Highlights Degradation and Stabilization of Plastic Materials

Matching innovation of polymer materials and product performance with
regulatory compliance

BASEL, Switzerland–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Intertek, a leading quality solutions provider to industries worldwide,
will host a seminar addressing the challenges of polymer degradation
through stabilization and advanced polymer testing. The seminar will
review the root causes and processes of degradation across the plastic
supply chain, from resin production to final application in a range of
products, and will highlight solutions to minimize the impact of factors
affecting polymer performance.

Polymer materials, used in automotive, packaging, electronics, consumer
products and medical device applications can be exposed to heat,
sunlight, gases (including air), mechanical stress or chemical
substances, all of which may cause irreversible degradation and impact
the material’s properties such as color, strength, hardness and
flexibility. Choosing the right polymer for an application is
fundamental to achieving quality products; however, by understanding
degradation, and knowing how to test materials and implement polymer
stabilization strategies, an innovator can match the material’s
properties to the application whilst meeting expected performance and
regulatory compliance requirements.

Aimed at delegates involved in research and development in the polymer
and polymer application industries, the seminar will take place on the 2nd-3rd
March 2016 in Basel – Switzerland. Technical experts from Intertek will
share their knowledge to help address some of the major industry
challenges of polymer application

Dr Gilbert Ligner, VP of Materials Science and Managing Director,
Intertek Switzerland: “The plastic industry is a key contributor to many
innovations achieved in the last 20 years across sectors like
construction, transportation or healthcare. Innovators in these sectors
were able to develop new products based on new polymeric materials,
designed for their new applications. At the same time, regulations and
substance restriction rules have evolved to ensure environmental and
consumer protection. Therefore, in today’s marketplace, where it is more
important than ever to maintain a competitive edge, companies are facing
the challenge to match innovation and product performance with
regulatory compliance.”

Intertek’s polymer testing laboratories in Switzerland, Netherlands and
UK have worked with innovators in the polymer industry and industries
that use polymers for over two decades. Polymer scientists, engineers,
chemists and regulatory experts support clients to continually enhance
polymer performance through consulting, advanced analytics, application
testing and/or compounding on pilot line facilities, supporting
innovation, product development and quality improvement across numerous
sectors including packaging, consumer products, automotive and aerospace.

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