Introducing Globespinning: the Travel App That Easily Creates Shareable Itineraries from Pictures You’ve Already Taken on Your iPhone or iPad

SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Adventure–We are excited to announce the launch of Globespinning,
a groundbreaking travel app that quickly and automatically turns photos
from your iPhone camera roll into a picturesque and informative
itinerary that is easy to share with friends and family, to help inspire
their own trips.

Globespinning itineraries are full of helpful details, including a daily
view of what you did on your trip, a map view showing how much ground
you covered each day, contact info for activities and restaurants, and
helpful notes to share with your friends and family. Best of all, you
get all of that with just the click of a button.

Special bonus: All the trips you create and share will also show up on
your personal profile, creating a beautiful journal to relive your
journeys for years to come.

It’s the travel app that seamlessly delivers what everyone on social
media seems to want: details from their friend’s trips. We see the
quotes all the time, such as “Can I get recommendations from that trip
you took,” or “Has anyone been to…?”

Before Globespinning there wasn’t an easy way to answer those questions.
You’d write an email, hand over an Excel spreadsheet or maybe post some
pictures on social media. Globespinning bundles everything up into a
sharable package.

Globespinning, Inc. is a Seattle-based company run by a team of two
sisters, Mandy Rossi and Amy Boes, who love to travel the world and were
constantly being asked to share the details of their trips with their
friends. Seeking to inspire others to follow in their footsteps, they
made the app beautiful yet simple. They’ve created Globespinning for all
types of travelers, from super planners to those who like to grab their
bags and go on the spur of the moment.

Globespinning can be downloaded for free from the App Store for iPhone
and iPad.

Download Globespinning from the App Store Here:


Globespinning, Inc.
Mandy Rossi or Amy Boes, 206-794-1884