IRI Beer Expert Provides 2015 Mid-Year Results on Beer Category and Craft Beer Segment




Dan Wandel, Principal, Beverage Alcohol, Client Insights,



Beer category sales have improved in 2015, based on the strength
of the import, craft and super-premium segments as well as new
product offerings throughout the category. IRI beverage alcohol
expert, Dan Wandel, will examine how the beer category and craft
segment performed during the first half of 2015 in his
presentation “2015 Craft Brewing & Mid-Year Category Sales
during the Brewers Association Power Hour interactive



The craft segment continues to be one of the true success stories in
the beverage alcohol industry for the past several years, and 2015
is no exception. Wandel’s presentation will take a closer look at
where craft beers are succeeding and will address such critical
questions as:
— What are the mid-year sales trends for the beer category in 2015?
— How is the beer category and craft segment performing in 2015?
— What are the top-selling craft beer styles for the first half of
— What are the hot new beer brands in 2015?
— Which beverage alcohol defined vendors are driving craft sales
— What is happening in craft’s largest-selling style, IPA?
— How are can packages selling within the craft segment?


Thursday, Sept. 3, 2015, 12 p.m. CT



Brewers Association Power Hour

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Power Hour

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