It’s a cat. It’s a truck. No, it’s the Catty Wagon.

– Michelson Found Animals’ Adopt & Shop hits the streets with food
mobile adoption truck.-

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Michelson Found Animals Foundation, Inc. (,
an independently funded nonprofit organization working to help Los
Angeles become a no-kill city, has launched its all-new “food
truck-inspired“ mobile pet adoption truck, dubbed the Catty Wagon (
The inside of the Catty Wagon is equipped with six individual condos
where the adoptable felines are housed, two “meet & greet“ rooms, and an
array of fresh and fun cat products. From the outside of the vehicle,
when parked, the cats and kittens are visible from windows looking out
into the world.

“When Angelenos see a giant cat-like moving vehicle with cat ears,
whiskers and a tail driving down the road, they’ll be excited to learn
that there are dozens of kittens on board waiting for their forever
home,” said Found Animals Executive Director Aimee Gilbreath. “Although
there’s definitely a ‘kitten season’ where we see an influx of kittens
in our shelters, there is a need to educate on the importance of feline
adoption year round. As part of our mission to save as many pets as we
can, we’ve launched the Catty Wagon as a fun and engaging way to bring
our kitties directly to consumers.”

More cats than dogs are euthanized in U.S. shelters each year, and the
launch of the Catty Wagon is a step in the right direction to educate
the public on the importance of fostering, adoption or becoming a
volunteer. The Catty Wagon’s purpose is tied to the organization’s
mission of Saving Pets, Enriching Lives, and is an extension of
its brick & mortar store Adopt & Shop (,
an adoption and retail facility where every dollar spent goes back to
saving more pets.

“Our food truck inspired cat on wheels is the first
of its kind and an innovative approach to mobile adoption and retail; it
raises the bar on the concept of adoption vehicles and our commitment to
saving pets and enriching lives,” said Dr. Gary Michelson, founder of
Found Animals.

Each adoptable pet on board the Catty Wagon will be vaccinated,
spayed/neutered and microchipped, an important component in assuring
lost pets return home and not back to the shelter. A collection of
starter supplies for new adopters will also be available for purchase
from the Catty Wagon itself. Because adoption fees and point-of-sale
proceeds go back toward saving the lives of area pets, purchases from
the Catty Wagon will also directly impact the area’s shelter animals.

“If you adopt from the Catty Wagon, not only are you saving the life of
the pet adopted, but you’re also enriching your own life in so many
wonderful ways; it’s a win/win.” said Gilbreath.

For real-time information on Catty Wagon locations, follow Adopt
& Shop
on Twitter
and join the conversation using #CattyWagon.

About Michelson Found Animals

The Michelson Found Animals Foundation is a non-profit supporting pet
-owners and animal welfare organizations; our mission is Saving Pets,
Enriching Lives
. After celebrating a decade of service to animals,
we continue to grow as we find new and innovative ways to help pets and
the people who care for them. In addition to creating the first free
microchip registry, we now have our own adoption centers, research
next-generation spay/neuter technology and sell affordable high quality
products—all in the service of pets. Our unique perspective into all
aspects of animal welfare allows us to better support pet owners and pet
professionals alike. All of this is possible thanks to generous funding
from Dr. Gary Michelson and Alya Michelson.

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